Additional Tracking Features for Fleet Management

Whether you serve other businesses or visit consumers directly, in the are of technology, customer expectations are higher than ever before. Additional accessories and features make it easier for businesses to asses which driver is driving a car at a given time, immobilize a vehicle in case of theft, and more. These features allow the business to get more out of GPSLive by setting up alerts and providing more visibility into the real-time location and condition of a fleet vehicle.

1) Driver Identification

Driver Identification

When sharing pool of vehicles amongst your drivers, Driver ID feature allows you to identify which employee is driving which car.
The wireless Driver ID fobs link directly to the Vehicle Telematics Unit’s built-in Bluetooth BLE and does not require any additional wiring.
How Driver ID feature works
• Provide each driver with a unique BLE Key fob
• The Vehicle Telematics Unit’s built-in Bluetooth BLE continuously scans for nearby key fobs.
• As soon as the Telematics Unit detects a key fob within it’s range (<10m) it uploads the fob’s information to GPSLive.
• GPSLive identifies the driver assigned to the corresponding key fob.
• As of this moment all the tracking information is associated with the active driver.

2) Remote Immobilisation

Remote Immobilisation

Remotely immobilise the vehicle from the GPSlive site or App in the event of theft or unauthorised use.
Remote engine block (immobilisation) feature isolates your vehicle’s engine ignition mechanism, making it almost impossible to start the engine until its unblocked. This is achieved by installing an automotive relay to the starter motor, which is controlled by one of the Vehicle Telematics Unit’s digital outputs. Activating the Vehicle Telematics Unit’s output simply activates the relay, which in turn disables the starter motor.
The remote engine block command can be sent to your vehicle anytime, however, the vehicle will not be immobilised until the ignition is off, for safety reasons.
This feature can be implemented on most vehicles excluding electric or hybrid vehicles.

3) Authorized Driving

Driver Identification

Control who drives your vehicles with the authorised Driver ID Swipe Tags.
Along with our Telematics Unit, a key reader is installed on your vehicle’s dashboard. A unique telematics key fob is associated with each driver, and the driver is required to use the key fob when they drive a company vehicle.
The Authorised Driving feature controls the vehicle’s ignition, preventing the driver from starting the engine until a valid key fob is scanned. Therefore, only valid key fob holders are able to start the vehicles.
Each time a tag is swiped on the reader to start a vehicle, the tags ID is logged on the GPSLive system and all the tracking information is associated with the active driver.

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