Vehicle Tracking Systems

Telematics: Changing the Way SMEs Operate

Telematics technology has been a truly groundbreaking development for the fleet business industry. Regardless of the sector, a business operates, there is a potential improvement that telematics systems offer from lowering the fuel usage to monitoring the real-time location of a truck to keeping immaculate trip records for mileage [...]

New GPSLive Dashboard on Mac and Notebook

Latest News and Updates From GPSLive

At Rewire Security we strive to provide our customers with the best tracking services on the market. Our team of engineers has spent thousands of hours analyzing and testing tracking devices manufactured all over the globe, to make sure our customers get the best for the most affordable price. Cloud-based GPS tracking [...]

GPS Trackers for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity all over the world. There are countless benefits to owning an electric vehicle; zero emissions, fuel economy and lower operating expenses which makes them ideal cars for daily use. EVs are perfect for little excursions and commutes with their speed, performance, and low fuel [...]

The New EU Regular - GDPR

GDPR: What does it mean for Businesses using GPS Tracking

How does GDPR affect Businesses using GPS Tracking systems to monitor their Employees? GPS Tracking systems that enable businesses to track their employees and fleet vehicles in real-time revolutionized the way businesses operate. For over a decade GPS-based services have been assisting companies with the ever-increasing demand for information. However, this [...]