Home And Business Security - Alarm Systems
Rewire security offers innovative security systems and products for individuals or businesses. Protect your home and business premises from theft or burglary with smart alarm systems, door or window sensors, and temperature loggers against fire. The smartphone app will give you easier control of your devices and peace of mind.
RTU 850 Wi-Fi Vehicle Router
RTU 850 LTE Wireless Router for VehiclesRUT850 is a compact and slim design LTE wireless router. It ..
SecureGuard GSM G200 Smart Wireless Alarm Kit WIth SMS Alerts & App (433mhz)
SecureGuard G200 GSM/SMS Communicating Wireless Security Alarm Start Kit (433mhz).Protect your premi..
SecureGuard WG200 WiFi Smart Wireless Alarm Kit (433mhz)
SecureGuard WG200 WiFi/GSM/SMS Communicating Wireless Security Alarm Starter Kit.     &nbs..
Teltonika RUT 950 Dual SIM Wifi Router
Teltonika RUT 950 LTE 4G Dual SIM Wifi Router-ModemTELTONIKA RUT950 is a highly reliable and secure ..
RTU-5023 Remote Temperature & Data Logger
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Handheld Security Metal Detector Wand
Portable Security Metal Detector WandLightweight and compact designDesigned for detecting hidden met..
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Keep an eye on your vehicles, fleet, family members, children, elderly, employees or anyone you need to locate with the use of GPS Tracking Devices and Personal Locators from Rewire Security. Rewire Security offers impeccable locating and tracking solutions for individuals: GPSLive and businesses: GPSLive Fleet. GPSLive Cloud Based GPS Tracking Software can be accessed using a PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone in real-time and allows users to view the location of their assets. GPSLive software provides users with advanced mapping features such as; geo-fence zones, route history, event alarms, instant notifications and usage reports.