GPSLive Fleet Online Tracking Platform 1 Year Subscription
GPSLive Fleet Online Tracking Platform 1 Year Subscription

GPSLive Fleet Online Tracking Platform 1 Year Subscription

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GPSLive Fleet – 1 Year Subscription

GPSlive Fleet – a powerful online tool that allows real-time tracking of your vehicles or assets on a Mac, PC, Tablet or Smartphone. Simple to use, full-featured tracking platform with no install required. Login anywhere in the world via an internet web browser from one cloud-based tracking account. GPSlive Fleet can monitor 1000s of tracked objects in real time and also stores full detailed rolling travel history for the previous 90 days including start, stops, routes and speed. GPSLive Fleet stores full travel data of each tracker for the previous rolling 90 days. Search and replay travel data via time and date, view logged events such as movement, speeding, ignition as well as all starts, stops and journeys. Download and export travel data in various document formats. GPSLive user manual can be found here and includes information on initial setup, setting up geofences, objects, events and much more. Create different logins with limited permissions or access rights. Advanced features including auto account expiry, URL login and live view only. Detect and monitor different settings on trackers remotely including battery state, input/outputs, towing and much more. Track who is driving what vehicle where when and how.

Using our application programming interface (API), your development team can create custom-built solutions that export live data from our systems into other back-office software tools. A variety of metrics can be extracted including current live position, trip summary, speed, driver behaviour and many other data parameters.


Live Tracking: Track the location of your tracking devices in your vehicle, people, mobile or asset in real time on our efficient interface.
History: GPSLive stores full travel history and information data of each tracker for the previous rolling 90 days.
Reports: Customise and create over 15 different detailed travel, usage and telematics reports, and export document files.

Geofencing: This feature allows users to set up custom geographical zones and boundaries around specific areas on the map.
Routes: Create and save previously travelled routes and activate alerts for vehicles that enters or leaves selected routes.
Points Of Interest (POI): Markers can be used to log and highlight different addresses, shops or points on the tracking map.

Send Commands: Change settings and modes on supported trackers directly online using our integrated “Command Centre“.
Alerts & Notifications: Create SMS message or email alerts for important events such as speeding, SOS, ignition, movement and much more.
User Interface: Fully customisable user interface including time zone, colour schemes, sounds, icon sizes and many more.

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