Interface Settings

User Interface can be found under Settings on the top panel and allows modifying the GPSLive user interface, units and colors.


  • New chat message sound alert – Select chat message sound.


  • Remember last map position – Every time you log into the system, the map will be in the same spot where you left it.
  • History route color – Color of route viewed in history.
  • History route highlight color – Color of highlighted route viewed in history.


  • Language – User interface language.
  • Unit of distance – Select miles or kilometres as distance measuring units.
  • Unit of capacity – Select litres or gallons as capacity measuring units.
  • Unit of temperature – Select Celsius or Fahrenheit as temperature measuring scale.
  • Currency – Currency appears with fuel consumption cost.
  • Time zone – Indicate your time zone accurately because all time values are displayed in accordance with time zone selected. Make sure that your GPS device time zone is set to 0 UTC.

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