The map shows real-time location of GPS devices (objects). There are different map views such as road and satellite views to make it easier to assess the location of an object.


    1. 1. Map Controls: 
      – Zoom in and out,
      – Option to display objects (On/Off),
      – Option to display markers (On/Off),
      – Option to display routes (On/Off),
      – Option to display zones (On/Off),
      – Option to display clusters (On/Off).


    1. 2. Ruler: Option to fit objects on the screen, Rulers for measuring a distance or area.


    1. 3. Object View: Clicking an object will bring up a quick view of the object including time, location and address of the object.


    1. 4. Map Views: Select from 6 different digital maps; OSM Map, Bing Road, Bing Aerial, Bing Hybrid, Mapbox Streets, Mapbox Satellite.

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