Objects List

  1. 1. Objects tab – View a list of your objects (tracking devices).
  2. 2. Events tab – View recent events regarding your objects such as; speeding, zone in/out events and sensor readings.
  3. 3. Places tab – Allows to view, create, edit and delete Routes, Zones and Markers.
  4. 4. History tab – View an object’s route history for a certain period of time, as well as create reports and export them.
  5. 5. Search – Search objects by name to quickly find them on the list.
  6. 6. Reload – Reloads objects list to refresh the latest location data.
  7. 7. Add object – Add a new object (tracking device).
  8. 8. Visibility checkbox – Option to turn on or off an object’s visibility on the map.
  9. 9. Follow checkbox – Centres selected object in the middle of the screen.If multiple objects are selected – map zooms out to fit both objects.
  10. 10. Object information – Name of the Object, date and time of last received data.
  11. 11. Quick Access – Allows quick access to an Object to view its History, Follow, Edit and Send command.

Quick Access

       Quick access is an all in one tool that allows;

  1. – View recent route history of an Object for a certain period of time,
  2. – Follow an Object in real-time,
  3. – Send a command to an Object,
  4. – View and Edit the details of an Object.

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