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  • Robust Aluminium Casing
  • Unlimited range wire free temperature monitoring using GSM module.
  • Four channel Relay outputs to control most automation systems (volt free).
  • Easy operation with 2 numbers in monitor and remote control.
  • Works with mobile phones and land lines.
  • Temperature data log saved with timer and sent via Email
  • 1x WF-TP01A Control unit
  • 1x Compact GSM Antenna
  • 1x Magnetic GSM Antenna
  • 1x Temperature Sensor
  • 1x UK Mains PSU
  • 1x O/I Connector
  • 1x RS3232 Serial Data Programing Cable
  • Frequency Band: Quad Band GSM/GPRS Engine ( 850/900/1800/1900MHz )
  • Dimensions: 153 mm x 66 mm x 28 mm
  • Supply Voltage: Mains powered with DC12v PSU.
  • Temperature Range: -50-125c
  • Temperature Detection: 2c +/-

RTU-5023 Remote Temperature & Data Logger 

The RTU-5023 is a complete standalone temperature monitoring solution. One of the most compact & best value for money GSM temperature monitoring solutions on the market. Easy access - complete control of the unit via SMS text messages. The GSM SMS Environment Alarms are the best solution for remote onsite temperature, humidity, power status monitoring through wireless GSM Network. 

The RTU-5023 Series is perfect for a wide range of applications where you require up-to-date temperature information or alerts. It can be placed anywhere there is a mobile phone signal and will monitor and record the temperature via its external probe.Ideal for use in situations where you need real-time information of temperature from a remote location.Logs of data collected by the unit can be sent via SMS or email at pre-set intervals. Android APP provides easy and convenient management.

  • Supplied pre-configured with a pay-as-you-go sim card & free first £5 credit.
  • Threshold exceeding alarm. When the temperature, humidity, power voltage exceed high-threshold or low-threshold value set, the device will send SMS alerts to up to 10 preset phone numbers.
  • Up to 10 authorised phone numbers can be set, 5 can be used to receive call or SMS, and 5 can be used to call and SMS while alarming occurrence.
  • The GSM Alarm rejects calls from unauthorised numbers, and the call from authorised number then return onsite temperature, humidity, and power voltage on the first ring.
  • External A/C Power status monitoring, AC ON/OFF will send SMS to authorised phone numbers.
  • Accessible by SMS Commands or Android APPs with password protection.
  • Secure - Using caller ID and password for identification, unknown callers are ignored.

Alarms: The RTU-5023 can be configured to notify you by email or SMS when it detects the temperature goes under or over pre-set limits.

Outputs: The unit has four relay outputs that can be remotely activated for example if the temperature is too high you can remotely activate an air-conditioning unit or heater.

Settings: There are two ways to change settings on the RTU-5023. Via APP or SMS text message, the key advantage of SMS configuration is that you are able to change the units setting remotely.


  • Easy to use Android APP
  • Server Room Monitoring
  • Museums, Archives, Galleries
  • Laboratory and Quality Test Workshops
  • Factories
  • Hospital Room Monitoring
  • Air-Conditioned Rooms
  • Cold Storage Monitoring
  • Green House Monitoring
  • Building Management and Automation



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