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RSProtect Lone Worker Tracking and Man Down System

RSProtect lone worker protection app is an ideal solution for improving the safety of your employees working in distant, isolated work sites. Maintenance workers, forestry, mining, and employees in similar fields may be required to work at remote areas without any contact nearby, in such scenarios the risk of their well-being increases tremendously. RSProtect works on Android-based smartphones and helps businesses and managers keep an eye on their employees’ real-time location without the need for an SOS device. Through real-time GPS tracking and Man Down detection services, the app helps businesses keep their lone workers safe and provides on-demand location, route and incident reports.

Optional Bluetooth Emergency Button

In extreme scenarios, if the lone worker can’t access their smartphone easily in case of an emergency, the optional smart Bluetooth button can be useful. Time is of the essence in emergency situations, the wearable (as a watch, belt buckle, keychain) SOS button instantly activates the RSProtect app and sends an alarm to authorities. Coupled with real-time GPS positioning, instant alarms, and SOS timer, RSProtect will always be with your remote employees and help is never far away. The smart button is as small as a coin and it’s designed to be compact enough to wear as a watch or a keychain. There are no additional monthly fees for using the smart button.

RSProtect© Lone Worker Tracking Software is engineered to meet the highest demands of businesses and organizations. Anytime your lone worker employees travel alone, as long as they have their smartphone with them, you will be able to locate and help them.

Note: We will require you to provide us with the IMEI of the smartphone the app will be used. To find out the IMEI of your number please dial = *#06# on your smartphone.



View in and replay the precise routes taken by your lone worker employees.


Locate your employees in real-time using a PC or a smartphone.


A geo-fence is a virtual border that you can draw on the map to get notified of breaches.


Managers can opt. in to get notified when an employee starts moving or stops.


The app can be set to notify specific phone numbers if the panic button is pressed.


The APP can be set to alert manager whenever it detects a Man Down situation.


Make better decisions with extensive incident reporting with analytics.


Timed Sessions help you identify emergency situations if your employees do not check-in.

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