The latest in the RX series, RX-3 Lite weighs only 135 grams yet it delivers up to 8 hours continuous video recording with a single charge. It's an easy to use portable CCTV system for individuals and professionals. RX-3 Lite is the smallest BWC in the RX series, it's smaller, lighter and has a single button interface making it one of the easiest devices to use. RX-3 Lite has an internal memory and anti-tamper design for making sure the stored footage is safe and secure. The RX-3 Lite is suitable for frontline workers, security guards, private investigators and extreme sports enthusiasts. 
RX-3 Lite Body Worn Camera

RX-3 Lite - Wide Angle Lens


The camera has a high quality 140° wide angle lens and a wider line of view to make sure everything in front of the user is captured on the video. The RX-3 Lite records high-definition videos, it has a 21mp camera and records; [email protected] and [email protected]. Independent studies have shown that use of body-worn cameras can reduce incidents and risk by over 50%. In case things go wrong, video footage is one of the best forms of evidence. RX-3 Lite is an easy to use and comfortable BWC solution for the non-tech-savvy, yet the camera delivers the highest quality video evidence.


RX-3 Lite weighs only a few grams yet it delivers up to 8 hours continuous video recording with a single charge. The unit has a built-in 2800 mAh battery and an internal 32GB storage. The advanced H.264 compression technology reduces the size of video files for saving storage space while maintaining the quality of the footage. The camera can be synchronized with a PC using USB 2.0 interface. Optional Charging Station & Evidence Management dock also available from our store, ideal for charging multiple cameras at once and maintaining a mountain of data.
BWC - 8 Hours battery life

Body Worn Camera - One Button Recording


One slide of a button is all it takes to start or stop recording footage with the RX-3 Lite. It has been designed with functionality and durability in mind to withstand the test of time. The camera facing the front has been proven to have a positive and calming effect when the user encounters a confrontational situation. And even if a situation escalates, the user can focus on the event in front of them and count on the RX-3 Lite to record the situation at hand. The RX-3 Lite is covered in IP67 rated water-resistant casing, it's an all-seasons device able to operate in any environment.


The RX-3 Lite can be fitted with the industry standard Peter Jones Klickfast type mounting system and it can be used with several models of garments or external docks and clips that can be attached to your clothing which allows adjusting Point of View (POV) while recording footage. A variety of belt clips, docks, mounts and secondary external cameras can be attached to the RX-3 Lite, allowing the user to choose the most comfortable configuration. Klickfast full range of accessories from chest harnesses to garment studs and mounts are also available from our store.