Spytrack Nano – Extended Battery Case
Spytrack Nano – Extended Battery Case

Spytrack Nano – Extended Battery Case

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3 Months Extended Battery Life + Waterproof Case

If you have bought the Spytrack Nano for tracking items over long distances, or if you are tired of charging the tracker’s battery once every week, the extended case is the ideal solution.

The Spytrack Nano can be installed inside the extended case in just a few seconds and with the help of the extra batteries, it delivers 3 months uninterrupted battery life.

The case has IP67 rated Waterproof housing and includes magnets for attaching the tracker to any metal surface such as container and cars.

Ideal for tracking overseas shipments and vehicle fleets traveling Europe. 

With the extended battery case, you will only have to charge your tracker a few times a year.

Features: Long battery life, durable design, easily attaches to metal surfaces with powerful magnets.

IMPORTANT: Tracker not included.

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