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Simple to fit and install plastic drone holder/bracket for the Rewire Security 102-Nano Tracking device and other similar models. 

The drone holder is compatible with DJI's Phantom 3 drone. If you attach a drone GPS tracker such as the 102-Nano from Rewire Security to your drone pre-flight, you will be available to locate and find it in the case of a crash or a fly-away. Using the GPS Tracking app on your smartphone, you can pinpoint to your drone's location with up to 1-2 meters proximity. 

The 102-Nano is a tiny GPS Tracker that weighs 66 grammes and offers an optional drone holder that can be attached to your drone’s legs to mount your tracking device. The 102-Nano works on an internal rechargeable battery so it doesn’t require any hard wiring. This means the tracker can be used to track either your car, bike or drone anytime you need. 102-Nano is one of the cheapest yet most reliable GPS Tracking solutions available to this date.

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