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Smart GPS Tracking Systems

Work smarter with GPSLive Vehicle Tracking platform.
Locate vehicle and assets anytime, anywhere in the World.

Rewire Security offers effective & smart GPS trackers packed with everything you will need to start tracking your vehicle. All of our tracking devices and services come with a prepaid and pre-configured SIM card for coverage in 185 countries. Locate and track any vehicle or asset in real-time using GPSLive tracking platform.

GPSLive Workspace
GPSLive Workspace

GPS Tracking on PC & Mobile

GPSLive Web works on any web-enabled device and comes with a mobile app for your convenience.

View the real-time location of people, assets & vehicles by using GPSLive website on PC, and using GPSLive APP on tablet and smartphones. GPSLive service subscription includes unlimited access to the site and Apple & Android APPs. The apps display the live location of your assets 24/7. It will notify you with a push notification in case a preset alert condition is triggered.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

Our personal tracking services allow you to locate people in real-time, view the location of kids, track the movements of elderly Alzheimers’ patients and distribution personnel in real-time for improving the safety and security of the people around you.

We provide vehicle tracking services for individuals, who wants to make sure their motorbike or car is where it’s supposed to be. The installation of the tracking device, and viewing the location of your car via the software is as easy as it gets and does not require any technical background.

We provide smart Fleet Tracking systems for 3000+ businesses in the UK. GPSLive allows business owners and managers to track their fleet drivers for route optimisation, dispatch their fleet for faster deliveries and track the driving behaviour of their drivers for making sure their business reputation stays intact.

Vehicle DVR & CCTV systems allow the fleet managers to record video footage of the interior and exterior surroundings of vehicles with CCTV. Vehicle CCTV systems are proving their worth, providing individuals and businesses HD video evidence in conflicts and accidents.

Spytrack Portable GPS Tracker

Locate People in Real-time

View the location of kids, elderly and distribution personal in real-time.

Personal GPS tracking devices allow the user to locate people & assets in real-time, view the location of kids, track the movements of elderly Alzheimers patients and distribution personnel for improving the safety and security of the people around you. We offer our customers the Spytrack Nano portable GPS tracker, it's one of the smallest tracking devices for locating anything that moves, and it weighs only 68 grams and comes with an APP. You can’t accompany your children when they are in the school or sports practice but the Spytrack Nano can do it for you and it will report its location 24/7.

OBD 2 Port GPS Tracker

Track Vehicles in Real-time

Track the whereabouts of your car, motorbike or van, anytime, anywhere.

Rewire Security offers its unique branded GPS tracking devices for tracking the whereabouts of a bike, motorbike, boat, car, and van in real-time. We offer our individual customers the DB1-lite and DB3 Plug & Play GPS tracker for its convenience and ease of use. It takes only 10 seconds to plug the DB3 to the OBD port of your car, and it will report it's real-time location along with useful information about your vehicle 24/7, allowing you to view it using a PC or a tablet. Our solutions can be tailor-made to fit for individual use for improving the security of your car at when it's parked for the night, as well as for businesses with a fleet.

Fleet Management

Manage your Fleet Drivers

Dispatch your fleet and manage the behaviour of your drivers.

Nothing's more frustrating than trying to manage a fleet of vehicles without knowing where they are, and where they have been. We offer our customers with business fleets the DB1-Advanced telematics device, coupled with GPSLive our services allow fleet managers to view driver behaviour such as; harsh braking, acceleration, cornering and if the vehicle is travelling above national speed limits as well as critical vehicle data such as; fuel level, maintenances, business mileage and temperature & humidity levels of the trailer. It's important to know that drivers' behaviour directly reflects on the company reputation and operational costs.

Vehicle CCTV

Vehicle DVR & CCTV Systems

Record footage of the interior and exterior surroundings of vehicles with CCTV.

Vehicle CCTV systems consist of DVR recorders and CCTV cameras, they are proving their worth, providing individuals and businesses HD video evidence in conflicts and in case of theft. Many fleets are opting to vehicle CCTV systems to prevent equipment theft and protect their employees from false insurance claims. We offer our customers T4 and T8 DVR to store video files and a long list of HD and AHD cameras to record footage from in and outside of the vehicle. Vehicle CCTV systems are designed for use in transport and commercial vehicle industries. Vehicle cameras can be fit on taxis, buses, vans and trucks.

Driver Behavior Management

View and manage the driving behaviour of your employees. GPSLive provides reports on; harsh acceleration, braking, speeding, idling and fuel usage.

Trip & Route History

View the previous routes taken by your fleet vehicles for up to 1 year in the past. Easily distinguish them between private and business mileage.

Fuel & Usage Reports

Fuel costs make up for a majorty of a fleet businesses expenses. GPSLive software displays fuel usage, wasted fuel (idling), as well as fuel fillings and thefts.

Multi-Satellite Connectivity

Combining GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO, multiple GNSS connectivity allows our tracking devices to link with all satellite systems for global coverage.

GPSLive - GPS Tracking Platform Features

Cloud Based Tracking

GPSLive cloud-based GPS Tracking platform stores all of your vehicles’ location and critical data on the cloud for you to access it whenever should you require.

Usage Reports

GPSLive allows users to generate or schedule usage, mileage and driver behavior reports. Usage reports allow businesses to lower their expenses and optimize their fleet.

Trip Logging

Trip Log enables business owners to identify business and private uses of vehicles allowing them to distinguish mileage done by company vehicles for tax reimbursements.

Global Coverage

We offer global tracking and coverage, our trackers will pick up the best signal in 150 countries and there are no extra roaming charges or fees when you travel abroad.

Alarms & Notifications

GPSLive allows users to set up alarms to get instantly notified when a vehicle; speeds, enters or leaves an area, used out of work hours or if the tracker is disconnected.

Ready-made Solutions

We provide individuals and fleets with ready to work right out of the box GPS Tracking solutions, including hardware, software and M2M SIM cards with global coverage.

GPSLive - Cloud-based GPS Tracking Software works on PC, tablet and Smartphones, in 185 countries.

BWC Body Worn Camera
BWC Body Worn Camera

Body Worn CCTV Cameras

Body-worn cameras are proven to have a calming effect on individuals in a standoff, according to research by NY Times. BWCs are an ideal portable CCTV solution for security guards and frontline workers. We offer our customers the RX series body worn CCTV cameras providing HD 1080p / 720p video quality. IT features built-in 32gb memory, 8 to 10 hours of battery life.

RX series body-worn cameras are built to handle the rigours of everyday struggles even with a compact design. They are robust, waterproof and able to withstand drops onto hard surfaces. We offer several accessories, docks, clips, and mounts for making it easier to carry the bwc.

Vehicle DVR CCTV System

Vehicle CCTV Systems

Vehicle CCTV camera systems capture all the moments in and around the car, without arousing the interest of the person behind the wheel. Vandalism, false insurance claims, vehicle theft and crime are major concerns for thousands of motorists in the UK and Europe. CCTV cameras come in handy for protecting the personal and business owners from false accusations.

Rewire Security’s CCTV & DVR solutions can be configured to capture all angles and vehicle blind spots resulting in 360-degree view in or outside your vehicle. Recorded videos will be stored and can be viewed on a portable monitor or using a video media player on a PC.

Vehicle CCTV System

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