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Insurance Approved Tracking Devices for Tesla Electric Vehicles

Improve the security of Tesla cars against vehicle theft with Thatcham Approved GPS trackers for Electric Vehicles.

If you have ever had to deal with the theft of a car, you know the cost, stress, and the hassle that comes just by dealing with it. For businesses it’s even worse; losing a single vehicle can cause major setbacks if the stolen vehicle was carrying a large amount of merchandise, it may be disastrous for even large corporations let alone small businesses or individuals. That’s why it’s always a good idea to take precautions to prevent theft and Thatcham Approved GPS tracking devices are the best at this.

Vehicle theft is -unfortunately- a real issue and it must be addressed with precautions. The case is even worse for people that own luxurious sports cars or high-tech cars that stand out, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and even Tesla electric vehicles. As the pinnacle of engineering, innovation and technology, Tesla is one of the most popular EV brands in the world and rightly so. However, Teslas aren’t cheap and if you decide to go for the additional range, performance or other upgrades, you will end up paying a hefty sum.

GPS tracker for Tesla

While these smart and futuristic vehicles have their own geolocation services and built-in safeguards, tech-savvy criminals are nothing if not innovative when it comes to integrated vehicle security measures. Over the years, car manufacturers have been getting better and better at developing effective safeguards, but criminals have been adapting and improving their skills as well. Most of the time, a vehicle’s – even a Tesla’s – built-in security will not be enough to stop a skilled and experienced thief unless there is an effective security system in place such as Rewire “S” Series.

Nothing beats a dedicated GPS tracking device that is designed to track the movements of your vehicle and protect it against tampering and theft. Insurance tracking devices approved by Thatcham Research Centre are rigorously tested to ensure that vehicles in the UK are safer and more resistant to theft, should they become the target of a criminal. Rewire Security “S” Series is the latest addition to our wide range of tracking solutions that make your vehicles impenetrable against the relentless car thieves and offer additional advantages such as insurance discounts, route planning and map markers.

Tesla EV

Benefits of Choosing Insurance Approved Tracking Devices

Insurance companies are not exactly known for their leniency towards discounts but having a Rewire Security Thatcham Approved Tracking Device installed in your car can help you reduce your annual insurance payments in some cases by up to 20%. Vehicles fitted with GPS tracking devices are considered more secure and grant better insurance rates compared to other vehicles if the tracking device is approved by Thatcham Organisation.

Insurance approved trackers are a great addition to improving the security of your vehicle and provide protective measures such as 24/7 monitoring, multiple immobilisation capabilities and driver identification system. Driver ID systems work as a 2nd defence mechanism and will initiate level 1 police response if your vehicle has been started without your designated keyfob inside the car.

Not only your Tesla will be protected against theft and break-in attempts with a Rewire Security Insurance Tracker on board, but you will also enjoy the insurance benefits along with all the advanced features of a cutting-edge GPS tracking system.

Map Markers

It is a relatively simple but effective tool that improves the quality of life for EV owners. Tesla owners can place markers on specific locations on the map such as Superchargers in their town as well as nearby towns and set up alerts that will notify them. Battery management is a big part of driving an electric vehicle; that is why regular reminders about the locations of the charging stations along your routes can be quite useful in your daily travels. Even if you manage to miss the reminders of your Tesla, GPSLive will make sure your EV never runs out of battery.

Tesla Supercharger Map

Route Planning – Supercharger Locations

Unfortunately, the Supercharger network isn’t as widespread as gas stations in the UK, and this can cause a problem if you drive your Tesla frequently during the day or go on long-distance trips on a regular basis. Even though the driving range is more than enough most of the time, you should always consider checking the battery levels before hitting the road. It’s a good idea to plan based on supercharger locations before a road trip to avoid getting stranded in a remote location.

Insurance tracking devices can help the EV owners immensely with their navigational challenges by planning their future routes or adjust their current course to be far more efficient with their battery usage. Tesla owners can view their travel history to make adjustments on the routes they frequently use and prevent any battery-related issues in the future.

GPS Alarm System

Theft Protection and Recovery

Security is a major issue for all vehicle owners. According to statistics, vehicle theft numbers have soared over 60% over the last five years in the UK with 115.000 stolen vehicles from the streets of England and Wales in 2019 alone. Tesla electric vehicles are technological marvels with multiple security layers, but that doesn’t mean they are safe against theft, especially in the UK. There has been an incremental rise in vehicle theft since 2013, and car thieves have been adapting to the built-in security systems, even exploiting them to gain entry to the targeted vehicles.

Insurance trackers are designed to protect your vehicle against all types of theft and tampering attempts. Our alarm centre will be monitoring the movements of your Tesla day and night, and the sensors onboard your tracker will trigger an alert if an intruder tries to move your vehicle without your knowledge. Rewire Security S5 Series provide even more effective safeguards in the form of driver identification and auto immobilisation if the driver ID tags are not present.

The on-call teams at our alarm centre will immediately contact you to confirm the theft attempt and notify the local police forces to initiate a Level 1 response. Level 1 Police response is the highest alarm priority for an alarm system and our alarm centre will stay in contact with the police until your vehicle is recovered. Tesla is a popular brand among car owners, but they are also favoured targets for veteran criminals as well.


There are countless reasons to drive a Tesla. The state-of-the-art electric vehicles are eco-friendly, they are safer than most of the cars on the roads, and they are equipped with hi-tech features such as Autopilot that will take your driving experience to a whole new level. If you want to make sure your bundle of joy is protected against any and all threats, Rewire Security Insurance Trackers are your best bet against the prolific car thieves. With a 96% theft recovery rate, robust security features and 24/7 monitoring, your Tesla will be safer than ever with a reliable GPS tracker on board, compared to any other device or alarm system on the market.

Most Insurance companies require a Thatcham Category 5 GPS tracking device for Teslas.

Insurance Approved GPS Tracking Devices For Tesla EVs
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Insurance Approved GPS Tracking Devices For Tesla EVs
Improve the security of Tesla cars against vehicle theft with Thatcham Approved GPS trackers for Electric Vehicles.
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