DB2-Self Install GPS Tracker

Installation Guide: DB2 Self-Install GPS Tracker

2 Minutes Installation Guide for the DB2 Self Install GPS Tracker for installing the device to any motorcycle or car.

GPS technology is constantly improving and providing solutions for individuals and businesses. Personal security and tracking the location of objects are among the primary reasons why people opt. in to use a GPS tracking device.

One of the major concerns for people before buying a vehicle tracker is finding the right mechanic for installing the tracking device which usually costs a hefty fee. Some auto mechanics charge large sums of money for installing tracking devices, which are most of the time an unavoidable cost if you want to access the advanced features of a GPS tracking platform.

Db2 Installation Guide

The experts recommend the fitting of the tracking device done by a vehicle electronics expert especially if you are looking to hide your tracker or have multiple trackers fitted.

However, our latest tracking device DB2 Self-Install GPS Tracker is an exception to the rule and it is simple enough to be installed by people without any technological expertise. All you need to do is to locate the battery of your vehicle, connect the wires and place the tracker to a location of your choosing under the hood. You can start tracking your vehicle immediately in real-time.

While this process is easy enough to figure out by yourself,  we advise following the instructions on our installation video to ensure that DB2 is working flawlessly.

DB2 Installation Guide:

Once you are done with the installation process, you will have unlimited access to all the prominent features and the powerful tracking platform that will allow you to locate and track your vehicle and for changing the settings of the tracking device.

As well as being a compact and easy-to-install tracking device, DB2 has an extremely accurate built-in accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor for crash detection that informs designated contacts and field managers in the event of an accident. This feature is very useful for businesses with a vehicle fleet. In case of an accident, managers will be notified and they will be able to send medical aid and road assistance to the location of their employees in just a few minutes.

Once the installation is complete, your car will start transmitting GPS and vehicle data such as real-time location, speed, and direction along with many other parameters to GPSLive; our cloud-based tracking software. You can access GPSLive from smartphones, tablets, computers or any other web-enabled devices to view the location and the condition of the vehicle.

Not only DB2 GPS Tracker is extremely easy to install on any vehicle, but it also boasts a powerful antenna that allows the tracking device to work under the hood without any connectivity issues. With sophisticated features such as geofence zones, notifications, and real-time tracking, you can protect your vehicle from theft and track its location in real-time at the same time. DB2 GPS Tracking Device is not limited to cars; it can be wired to any type of vehicle that has a battery, such as boats, motorcycles, trucks and electronic bicycles.

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DB2 GPS Tracker - 2 Minutes Installation Guide for Any Vehicle
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DB2 GPS Tracker - 2 Minutes Installation Guide for Any Vehicle
2 Minutes Installation Guide for the DB2 Self Install GPS Tracker for installing the device to any motorcycle or car.
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Rewire Security
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  1. DB1-Lite: If I wanted to track the battery voltage, where does the Grey AIN1 cable connect to?

  2. Hi I noticed that the DB2 can have optional driver ID tags, please can you add some information as to how these work, is it like a immobiliser etc?

  3. Hi,
    im considering purchasing one of these for my 04 caddy and am concerned of battery drain as this particular vehicle of mine is infrequently driving, one or twice a week, is it possible to run this device off of an ignition live? Also how long does the internal device battery last if theres no auxiliary battery supply?

    many thanks
    Peter T

  4. Hi,
    Some reason a question on how long backup battery last if the main battery dies or disconnected been left unanswered?
    It is possible to replace the backup battery with one with more capacity? My DB2 has 6 screws I believe to get access inside the device…So, if disconnect the existing battery and connect lat say 18650 Li-ion with a capacity of about 3-3.5A, it will work ok?

  5. My tracker has worked for a few months and now it has just stopped it keeps showing my vehicle in the same location and moving for the last 4 days?

  6. Hi, I’m contemplating buying two DB trackers, one for my motorhome and one for my towed car. Please advise as to which models would be best purchased. Also, the motorhome has a leisure battery and solar charing system to this and the vehicle battery. Can the module be fitted to either battery or is one better than the other?

  7. Hi,

    I have bought 3 of these devices. Easy install and after a year of use they seem to be flawless and just work.

    What I would like to know is how do make the device know if the ignition is ON or OFF – of is this not possible with this model?

    If you have any instructions for what fuse I need to tap into I would really appreciate the help.


    • Hi

      The DB2 automatically works out the ignition state of the vehicle from the power voltage. So when the engine is on and the alternator is running the vehicle’s voltage goes up to around 13.8v+ and the ignition will show as ‘On’ when the engine is off and the vehicle’s voltage drowns down below 13v the ignition will show as ‘Off’. In the ‘Alarms section of the GPSLive site and App, you can create alerts for when the ignition is on and off.

  8. Hi I am thinking of purchasing a DB2 Tracking device to my 1968 Jaguar MK11 is the device polarity sensitive as my Jaguar is positive to earth.


    • Hi

      Yes, the DB2 can be used on a vehicle with a positive earth. When wiring the tracker the black cable goes to negative and the red cable to positive.

  9. Hi,
    We have some of the DB2 trackers. One of them has stopped working. Both green lights are flashing intermittently, do you have any idea what the problem would be?


  10. Going to purchase a DB2 Tracker for a motorhome, will it work ok with a solar panel charging the battery at random?

  11. How long does the back up battery last if the car battery dies

  12. hi, will this work in south africa? what is the initial cost and is there a monthly or yearly plan ?

  13. I fitted my tracker to my car (a Landrover Defender ) yesterday but it doesn’t appear to be picking up signal, the Navigation light is flashing and i’ve taken it for a drive but it’s still intermittent at best. could this be down to the location of the battery under the passenger seat?

    • Hi Matthew,

      It’s normally just fine to place the DB2 under the bonnet, but Landrover Defender has quite a thick bonnet as it is a rugged off-road vehicle with a lot of metals and aluminium all around it.
      Please make sure the logo on the tracker is facing up and maybe try a different location on the vehicle. Someone from our tech team will be calling you shortly to assist you with this.

      • Hi Matthew,
        Just seen your post, I bought a DB2 but am foxed as to where is the best place on a defender,
        May I ask where did you end up fitting it,

        • Hi I’m just going to fit one of your trackers also to my defender can you let me know where to fit please. Richard

          • Hi,
            I would recommend placing the tracker behind the dashboard as this would be the best place to get access power the tracker and hidden as well. You will just need to have the sticker side facing upright as this is where the GPS/GPRS module is located to pick up the best signal.

      • Hi.
        I Thinking to connect tracker In my camper to the second battery Under passenger seat.
        Can you please tell me if location will be good enough to receive good gps signal?
        Many thanks

    • I’m worried about battery drain so would this unit be o.k to fit directly to a Leisure battery hence eliminating the risk of the starter battery draining?

    • Same issue on defender here
      Wasn’t aware that it wouldn’t pick up gps which is slightly worrying.
      My map display shows the vehicle in st Anne’s Bristol not at home in my drive

  14. David Barry Murphy
    David Barry Murphy

    Hi there. Just bought a db2. Is there any chance of battery drain or does it go into standby?

    • Hi David, No it doesn’t drain the battery. The DB2 will automatically switch to the standby mode and it draws less than 20ma in standby mode.

      • Hi, I installed a DB2 last week very easily and very impressed with quality of tracking provided and ease of use. BUT I do seem to be suffering battery drain with a flat battery today after normal usage. Alternator appears to be charging fine and will check battery capacity tomorrow but anything I should particularly check on unit? Less than 20ma in standby really shouldn’t be an issue. I have it connected directly to battery terminals as per your installation guidelines. Is there a better option?

        • Hi Chris, it must be a combination of things drawing power and the newly fitted tracker has added to that. Someone from the tech team will be in touch with you to have this sorted as soon as possible.

    • Hi I am building a demountable camper it’s an all wood build, I will have a solar panel and battery bank.
      Will the DB2 emit strong enough signal that I can build the tracker within the frame with a 9mm ply and fibreglass roof? What is the GPS coverage like over the UK specifically Pembrokeshire Wales.

  15. A little confused, watching the video, the guy fitting the unit does the Black wire first then the Red
    the wording on the screen says to fit the Red wire first then the Black?
    is the guy fitting it wrong or is the wording wrong?

    • Hi Danny, it doesn’t really matter if you do the black or the red first. But it’s often advised to do the red first (and that’s what we wrote at the subtitles), that’s why the wording is different from the video.
      The important thing is to not to touch the nodes at the same time.

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