Rewire Security offers ReliableInnovativeSmartAffordable GPS Tracking & Security Systems

At Rewire Security we specialize in cutting-edge innovative, cost-effective Telematics & GPS tracking solutions for individuals and businesses as well as Body worn Cameras and Vehicle CCTV Systems. Our solutions can be tailor-made to suit individual private users, small, medium or large businesses and organizations.

We provide Fleet Management services for over 3000+ businesses in the UK and Europe. Our intelligent GPS tracking platform has become an irreplaceable tool for fleet managers, it offers real-time tracking, previous route history, usage & mileage reports, driver behaviour data and it works on PC, tablet and smartphones. 

We are proud to offer one of the UK’s most extensive range of GPS tracking and Telematics devices supplied pre-configured and ready to use out of the box to the end user’s specific needs and requirements. Our solutions are ideal for tracking people, car, van, boat, yacht, bike, motorcycle and trucks.

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Who We Are, What We Do

Rewire Security is a group of professionals committed to providing its customers with smart, innovative Security and GPS solutions to help move their business forward in the competitive era. We’re driven by the need to make the life for business owners and fleet managers easier by providing them with reliable Telematics solutions. To help improve the safety of frontline workers, we offer Vehicle DVR & CCTV, and Body Worn CCTV Camera systems. Spoken words fly away, written words remain and so does video footage, and it’s especially useful when it comes to protection against false accusations.

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GPS Tracking

We offer smart GPS tracking and Telematics Solutions for Businesses.

Fleet Management

We provide tailor-made solutions for businesses with a vehicle fleet.

Body Worn CCTV

Body Worn CCTV cameras are ideal for security guards & frontline workers.

Vehicle CCTV

Vehicle CCTV Systems for recording footage from in & around vehicles.

Rewire Security engineer team works under a united vision to deliver GPS Tracking & Security solutions that are valuable and useful for our customers on a daily basis. Our vision is to deliver a valuable product for our customers to aid them on making faster deliveries, reduce their operational costs, improve the security of their vehicle and assets and to make sure their drivers are safer when they are on the road.

Whether you want to lower fuel costs or to track whereabouts of your employees, Rewire Security’s mission is to make it happen faster. Our tech team will be there for you till the end to make sure you have a tailor-made solution that fits your requirements. With the help of our products and service, better management of your fleet is right around the corner.

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Our History

How we started, and what we have done in the past 8 years.


New Office in Bristol

New Office in Bristol

We have moved to our new office at the beginning of 2018.


GPSLive Software Update

GPSLive Software Update

GPSLive v1.2 has been released with new features such as Trip Log.


New Partnerships

New Partnerships

Our tracking systems have been integrated with GHTrack in 2015.


Body Worn CCTV solutions

Body Worn CCTV solutions

Rewire Security has started offering Body Worn CCTV solutions.


New Partnerships

New Partnerships

New partnerships for providing telematics hardware and global connectivity.


GPS Tracking Systems

GPS Tracking Systems

GPSLive has been released for offering our customers real-time GPS tracking.


Foundation of Rewire Security

Foundation of Rewire Security

Rewire Security has been founded at the end of 2011 with the mindset of “Providing our customers in the UK and Europe with affordable Security systems and GPS tracking solutions”.

About Our Clients

With a big portion of our custom coming from referrals, you don’t have to take our word for it. If you need reassurance just give us a call and we will put you in touch with customers in a similar market to yours. Here is a list of some of our partners within the UK.