GPS Tracker Accessories

GPS tracking devices constantly collect and transmit information about family members, vehicles and assets; that is why you don’t want to lose this important data flow in case the battery dies, or the GPS tracking unit can’t pick up a clear signal. Rewire Security offers a wide range of accessories that can enhance the use of GPS trackers, user experience and allow people to benefit from their tracking devices to the full extent. With our affordable and useful accessories; you can protect your tracking devices from environmental factors, extend their GSM and GPS coverage and signal quality or conceal your GPS tracker with a magnetic case.

Make more use of your GPS Tracker Unit using our GPS Tracking accessories. Magnetic cases are ideal for attaching a tracker to a car and hard-wire kits are the best solution to charge your trackers battery in a vehicle. Our accessories for GPS Tracking devices include USB cables, covers, spare parts, waterproof cases, chargers and many more.