Connected 4G Dashcam

Front & Driver Facing Dual Cameras for Personal & Fleet Vehicles

Connected 4G Dashcam offers GPS tracking functionalities as well as Forward and Driver facing cameras, all in one device. Recorded video footage is integrated with the location tracking data, which means you can view everything in one place, on-demand, and anytime you need.

4G Dashcam Dual Camera
4G Dashcam Dual Camera

Download GPSLive Mobile APP on IOS or Android smartphones.

Dashboard Camera for Vehicles

Real-time Location Tracking Alongside HD Video Footage

Gain complete visibility of your vehicles and drivers with GPS-based location tracking coupled with Dual facing cameras, recording footage from the road the car is facing and footage from the driver behind the wheel. 4G Dashcam’s internal connectivity feature eliminates the need for the managers to retrieve memory disks from vehicles manually or to retrieve footage from a DVR. The 4G Dashcam automatically uploads critical videos to the cloud and allows retrieving custom footage from a custom date and time for up to seven days. You will be able to access to footage using GPSLive web or mobile app.

Instant Alerts & Notifications 24/7, Anywhere in the World

Using the camera’s built-in g-sensor, GPSLive instantly notifies you if it detects: harsh acceleration & harsh braking or if an accident occurs. 4G dashcam allows you to educate your drivers about good driving habits and get help to their location quickly in case of an accident. GPSLive can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a PC or a Laptop, and we offer the GPSLive mobile app for IOS and Android smartphones. Instant notifications can be set to be delivered by an SMS, email, or smartphone push notification.

4G Connected Dashcam

Combine HD Video With GPS Tracking

Combine GPS tracking with Video Recording for better visibility of your fleet and drivers.

Connected 4G Dashcam Options and Pricing

Connected 4G Dashcam comes with UK & EU (or optional Global) coverage as well as SD cards.


/ 12 Months
  • GPS Tracking
  • Mobile App
  • Auto Upload on Impact Detection
  • Auto upload on Panic Button
  • Video On Demand


£ 119.99
/ 12 Months
  • GPS Tracking
  • Mobile App
  • Auto Upload on Impact Detection
  • Auto Upload on Panic Button
  • Video On Demand
  • Live Streaming


£ 139.99
/ 12 Months
  • GPS Tracking
  • Mobile App
  • Auto Upload on Impact Detection
  • Auto Upload on Panic Button
  • Video On Demand
  • Live Streaming
  • Hyperlapse Images

Connected 4G Camera Features

Connected 4G Dashcam features the latest technology to assist managers in better Fleet Management.

720p HD Video

4G Dashcam records footage from in and out of the vehicle in HD 720p quality, which allows you to watch them later in precise detail.

Dual Facing Cameras

4G Dashcam has two cameras, one facing the driver and one facing the road, both cameras recording in high quality.

Location Tracking

4G Dashcam comes with an integrated GPS chip that allows you to track the location of the vehicle in real time.

Wide Coverage Area

We offer national coverage in the United Kingdom and EU tracking and coverage.

Alarms & Notifications

Set up alarms to get notified instantly of important events so that you don’t have to keep an eye on vehicles at all times.

Cloud Storage Space

We provide cloud storage space for storing 720p videos, so there’s no need to keep track of SD cards or disks.

4G Driver Facing Camera

Record HD Video Footage Of Important Incidents

4G Dashcam automatically records and uploads smooth, high-quality videos in case; Impact detection and unsafe driving events, such as harsh braking, accelerating, and cornering, allowing you to get notified of the event instantly. The recorded footage is available from both directions, facing the road and the driver simultaneously, and in 720p HD quality. Fleet managers can clearly understand what happened, where, when, and how. Connected dashcam auto-uploads impact detection and Panic button videos to the cloud.

Impact & Incident Detection Harsh Driving Detection

4G Dashcam features AI and intelligent algorithms for the crash and harsh event detection features. Using the built-in AI, g-sensor, and accelerometer, the camera is available to detect what’s happening throughout the journey, eliminating the need for a fleet manager to keep an eye on vehicles at all times. Incident videos are automatically uploaded to the cloud, allowing the managers to view them whenever they have time for it, using a PC, tablet, or smartphone.

4G Dual Facing Dashcam

GPSLive APP – Available on
PC, Tablet and Smartphones.

GPSLive Software

Sample Footage From the Connected 4G Dashcam

Forward Facing Camera

Interrior Facing Camera

Dashcam for Cars

Protect Your Vehicles & Educate Your Drivers

4G dashcam is ideal for recording video evidence of dangerous driving behaviour, including texting while driving or bad driving habits such as speeding. Fleet managers can proactively educate drivers about risky practices. Drivers who are accelerating too fast, engaged in risky driving, or not wearing seat belts can be educated by managers with better driving habits. 4G dashcam reduces accident risk and vehicle maintenance costs while improving driver safety.

Access Footage on Demand From PC & Smartphones

4G dashcam records impact videos automatically and features Live Stream, as well as requesting footage from the past up to seven days. You can submit a request to download video footage for a specific time range available on the SD card inside the camera; within minutes, you will receive the video to view it. You will easily access any video stored on the memory card via GPSLive web or GPSlive mobile app, 24/7.

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Conected 4G Dashcam
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Conected 4G Dashcam
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Conected 4G Dashcam
Connected 4G Dashcam features fual facing cameras for vehicles and fleets. It automatically uploads accident videos to the cloud and comes with an app.