GPSLive Mobile APP for IOS and Android Smartphones

The latest version of GPSLive smartphone APP v2.0.6 (Free Download) has been released with new features, bug fixes and a completely new user interface. GPSLive mobile APP is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, once you log in to the app, all features of the app can be accessed via the dashboard. With the new Push Notifications option enabled; receive an instant alert on your smartphone whenever an event occurs. GPSLive allows you to monitor real-time information for your tracking device on your smartphone including; speed, altitude, distance travelled, routes taken, pre-set events and the location of your vehicle. The APP works in sync with your GPSLive or GPSLive Premium account to provide you the precise location of your vehicles or assets. The mobile application is free of charge, included with your GPSlive subscription.



Login: Login to GPSLive smartphone APP using your GPSLive or GPSLive Premium account. The app is free to download and use for all GPSLive and GPSLive premium subscribers and does not require any in-app purchases.
Annual subscription for GPSlive and GPSLive Premium can be renewed here.
Demo Login 
Username: [email protected]
Password: 123456

App Dashboard


All of the features of GPSLive app can be accessed via the dashboard You can swipe between vehicles on the speedometer for a quick-view of your vehicles. In addition, latest update time from the tracker and the current speed of the vehicle is displayed on the dashboard. The menu is self-explanatory and includes a dashboard and buttons for easily accessing real-time information about your vehicles such as; MapObjectsEvents and History. To log-out or switch between accounts, you can use the Log out button on the top right corner of the dashboard.
GPS Tracking APP


Displays the real-time location of your vehicles on a digital map, with 6 different map options to make it easier to assess where your vehicles are. The location of your vehicle is updated every few seconds to our servers, using this data, the mobile app displays the precise location of your vehicles real-time.
Address: View the exact address of your vehicles or where an event took place.


GPS addresses

Vehicle Tracking APP


Displays a list of your tracking devices. In addition, IMEI number of the tracker, Latest update time, Current speed and Odometer information is displayed on the Objects page. Clicking on one of your objects on the list will take you to the map page to display the real-time location of the device. Locate your fleet drivers anytime on your smartphone using GPSLive. Track the progress of the work your employees do in the field whenever necessary. The information on the Objects page is refreshed every few seconds. 
GPS Alarms


The tracking device reports telematics data to GPSlive so you can set-up an event to get a notification whenever a vehicle stops, speeds, enters a specified zone or set-up parameter specific events such as ignition, out of hours use, zone-in / zone-out, fuel level and more. If you enable Push Notifications on the app you won’t even need to check the GPSLive app, every important event will be reported with push notification and you can click on an event to figure out where it happened. Detailed information on setting up events on GPSLive can be found here.
GPS Settings


Option to display the speed as Kmph or Mph. Option to enable or disable push notifications for vehicle events. 
Push Notifications: Your smartphone will display a notification whenever GPSLive detects a pre-set event such as; engine on/off, speeding or entering a zone.


GPSLive is a FREE Download Mobile APP engineered to meet the highest demands of both individual users and enterprise level fleets without compromising ease of use. GPSLive mobile app is built by our experts to allow businesses to analyze driving routes and travel time between their daily routes to save on expenses. Decreasing travel times also leads to earlier delivery, therefore, increased customer satisfaction. The app is equally useful for parents, letting them figure out the location of their kids in just a few seconds. GPSLive is available on iPhone and Android devices. Click here to view the privacy and policy statement.

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