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Introducing the all new Rewire ‘S’ Series, the latest addition to our state of the art tracking solutions. This brand-new range of vehicle trackers are rigorously tested to the highest industry standards and certifications. The Rewire ‘S’ Series are available with three levels of protection (S7, S5 & S5+), suited to meet all your security and insurance needs. All models are UK manufactured and insurance approved.
Insurance Discount
Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance Approved

Having a Thatcham approved GPS tracking device can reduce your annual vehicle insurance premiums by up to 20%. Designed and tested to comply with the latest requirements requested by UK insurance companies, you can enjoy all the benefits of GPS tracking while reducing your insurance premiums. Insurance providers may request a certain Thatcham category depending on the vehicle type to offer discounts.

Secure Tracking Portal

GPSLive cloud based GPS tracking software securely stores your vehicle's GPS data in the cloud for you to access whenever necessary.

Local Fitting Service

Fitting of your tracking device will be done at your home or work, by an authorised expert anywhere in the United Kingdom.

96% Theft Recovery Rate

Rewire S Series vehicle tracking devices are approved and authorised to alert the police instantly incase of theft detection.

Driver ID Tags

Prevent unauthorised driving of your car and vehicle theft with the use of Driver Identification Tags that can be attached to your keychain.

24h Monitoring Alarm Center
24/7 Monitoring Alarm Center

Monitoring Alarm Center

All of our Rewire ‘S’ Series GPS tracking devices are monitored 24/7 by our fully qualified and dedicated response team. They will monitor your tracker for signs of tamper or unauthorised use and will contact you directly in the event of theft. Once a theft is reported, our experienced team will liaise with the police directly on your behalf to recover the vehicle quickly and safely.
Nationwide Installation
Nation-wide Local Installation

Professional Installation

The Rewire ‘S’ Series GPS trackers are sold with nationwide installation included. Our installers are fully trained to the highest standards and highly knowledgeable on all types of vehicles as well as being fully insured. Once you purchase your tracker, our installation partner will contact you directly to arrange installation at a time and place that suits you.

Suitable for any Vehicle

Rewire S series Thatcham Approved GPS trackers are suitable for; motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks.

Usage & Mileage Reports

GPSLive software provides history, vehicle usage and detailed mileage reports.

Online Paperless Registration

Register your vehicle for the Thatcham GPS tracker, billing information and contacts online.

Remote Immobilisation

Remotely immobilise your vehicle in case of unauthorised use or vehicle theft.

Thatcham Category Comparison

Insurance Approved Insurance Approved Insurance Approved
24/7 Monitored by alarm centre 24/7 Monitored by alarm centre 24/7 Monitored by alarm centre
Thatcham category 7/ S7 Approved Thatcham category 5/ S5 Approved Thatcham category 5/ S5 Approved
Level 1 Police response Level 1 Police response Level 1 Police response
Tow away and tamper alert Tow away and tamper alert Tow away and tamper alert
3 Year warranty 3 Year warranty 3 Year warranty
Unauthorised driver alert (ID tags) Unauthorised driver alert (ID tags)
Key theft protection (Anti Key Cloning)
Auto immobilisation when tag not present

GPSLive - Cloud-based GPS Tracking Software works on PC, tablet and Smartphones, and comes with an APP for IOS and Android.

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GPS Tracking Software on notebook
Cloud based vehicle tracking software

Tracking Software & App

If you wish to do so; you will be able to keep an eye on the location and movements of your vehicle from any mobile device and computer. GPSLive APP allows our users to manage their Thatcham approved tracking devices remotely and modify their settings. Our mobile APP is compatible with all iOS and Android supported devices and offers a self-explanatory interface for monitoring and managing your vehicle.
Route History
Motion, Speeding and Tow Alerts

Alerts & Notifications

Rewire Security Insurance Trackers are armed with sensitive sensors such as motion and ignition sensors and provide you with a warning if an intruder tries to move your vehicle without your knowledge. Any theft attempts against your vehicle will trigger multiple alerts; notifying you and our alarm centre about the intrusion immediately. Our mobile APP and web interface keeps you updated with instant alerts and notifications.

Insurance & Thatcham Approved

Claim the best insurance discounts with our Thatcham Approved Insurance Trackers and lower your rates significantly.

24-hour Vehicle Monitoring

Alarm centre monitors the location and movements of your vehicle around the clock and alerts you for any suspicious activity.

Unauthorised Driving Alert

If your vehicle starts moving or the engine is turned on without your personal keyfob, the authorities will be alerted instantly.

Nation-wide Installation

Rewire S series Insurances trackers will be installed by a professional at a location of your choice within the UK.

Remote Immobilisation

Immobilise your vehicle remotely in the event of theft and prevent the engine from starting again until the authorities arrive.

Motion / Speed Alerts

Sensitive sensors onboard our Thatcham approved tracking systems will alert you about any unauthorised vehicle movements as well as speed violations.

Coverage in the UK & Europe

Keep tabs on your vehicles at all times even if you use them abroad with complete coverage throughout the UK and Europe.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Should the worst happen and your vehicle gets stolen; you will be able to track down your vehicle’s location immediately.

Insurance & Thatcham Approved GPS Trackers

Rewire S7


      • Compatible Vehicles:
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      • Free Installation Included
      • Unlimited Software & APP Usage

Rewire S5


    • Compatible Vehicles:
      vehicle icons
    • Free Installation Included
    • Unlimited Software & APP Usage
    • Driver ID Tags


Rewire S5+


  • Compatible Vehicles:
    vehicle icons
  • Free Installation Included
  • Unlimited Software & APP Usage
  • Driver ID Tags
  • Auto Immobilisation in case of Theft