Vehicle GPS Trackers

Plug & Play or Hard-wired trackers for motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries.

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GPS Tracker for Cars

Real-time GPS tracking for Locating Car, Van and Lorries

Rewire Security offers reliable Vehicle Tracking Solutions for increasing the security of vehicles and improving the cost-efficiency of businesses who operate a vehicle fleet. Regardless of the vehicle type, we offer device, connectivity and software systems ready-made for both individuals and businesses for improving routing in delivery and transportation operations. GPSLive features real-time tracking and an interface to view the live location of vehicles on the map. Improve the security of your vehicle and assets, keep an eye on your loved ones for peace of mind using latest GPS tracker technology.

Square and Triangle

Geo-fence Zones & Alerts

GPSLive software allows you to create geo zones that can be drawn on the map around specific locations. Geofence zones are virtual barriers that can be used to set up an alert that will trigger every time your vehicle enters or leaves the area. You can set up a geofence zone around your house or your workplace. Geo zone alert will instantly notify you with a push notification, SMS or email. Geo-fence zones can act as an early warning system in case of emergencies and help businesses to record time spent on and off work sites.

Geo-fence Zone Alarms

GPS Tracking Systems for Vehicles

Ready-made systems arriving at your door step in ready-to-use condition.

DB1 Advanced

£59. 99
  • IP67 Water Resistant
  • Hard-wired
  • No Fuel Data
  • Optional Professional Installation
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Optional I/O Sensors
  • Remote Immobilisation
  • Optional Driver Tags

DB2 Self Install

£ 34. 99
  • IP65 Weather-proof
  • Hard-wired
  • No Fuel Data
  • 2-wire Self Installation
  • Driver Behaviour
  • No Input/Output
  • No Immobilisation Feature
  • Optional Driver Tags

DB3 Plug & Play

£ 59. 99
  • Not Waterproof
  • Plug & Play (OBD port)
  • Fuel Level via ECU
  • Plug&Play Self Installation
  • Driver Behaviour
  • No Input/Output
  • No Immobilisation Feature
  • Optional Driver Tags

DB4 Car Lighter

£ 39. 99
  • Not Waterproof
  • Car Lighter Socket
  • No Fuel Data
  • Plug&Play Self Installation
  • Driver Behaviour
  • No Input/Output
  • No Immobilisation Feature
  • Business/Private Trip Logs

GPSLive Mobile App

GPSLive mobile vehicle tracking app allow you to view live location and previously used routes as well as history timeline, view performance dashboard and access instant notifications.

GPS Vehicle Trackers

Location, Route, Speed & Activity Monitoring

GPSLive tracking software provides users with extensive information about their vehicles, such as; real-time location and address of the vehicle, previous route history for up to 1 year, alerts & notifications, geo-fence zones, business mileage logging, dashboards and reports. Vehicle tracking systems can be tailored to fit Motorcycles, cars, vans and lorries. Whether you have 10 or 1000 vehicles, GPSLive can become an irreplaceable tool and allow individuals and fleet managers to make the necessary adjustments to improve their fleet operations and profitability.

Live Vehicle Tracking

The primary role of GPS trackers is to provide real-time geolocation of tracked vehicles and objects. Vehicle trackers allow you to locate your vehicles and mobile assets quickly on the map. You will be able to monitor the movements of your vehicles in real-time while they are en route for a delivery or check on your family members when they are driving through town. With the ability to locate a vehicle on-demand, managers and family members can send help in matters of emergency depending on the severity of the situation. Businesses that operate a vehicle fleet can benefit from live location updates by rerouting their vehicles for shorter delivery times while individuals can utilise the information to keep an eye on their loved ones. One of the most common uses for geofence zones is tracking the use of work hours by employees. Field managers can create geofence zones around assigned job sites to check the employees’ entry and exit times and analyze their efficiency. Accurate time tracking also allows businesses to prevent false overtime claims and improve the productivity of your workforce through better planning for work orders in the future.

Geofence Zones

Geofence zones are extremely useful for both businesses and individuals. This powerful tool allows users to create virtual barriers around specific locations on the digital map that triggers an alert and informs you about the breaches when they are active. There is a wide range of uses for geofence zones such as checking your employees’ arrival and departure times at job sites or observing the movements of your teenage children when they are behind the wheel. You can keep an eye on your precious family members when they are behind the wheel by using vehicle tracking systems. Whether it is your teenage son or elderly father, you will have a peace of mind knowing they are driving responsibly and stay with safe areas of town with the help Rewire Security vehicle tracking devices. With instant notifications about important events such as speeding, geofence breaches and idling, you will be able to increase their awareness of the dangers of the traffic and warn your family members if necessary.

Route History

Rewire Security vehicle tracking devices collect and transmit a vast amount of information about your trips and all the route data is stored on our servers for up to 12 months. Our advanced cloud tracking software, GPSLive allows our users to access their route history data on-demand which can be used to calculate fuel usage, plan for shorter future paths and view the logged events. Business managers can view a vehicle’s route history in detail to create and export reports that are essential in lowering costs and optimising resource distribution. Individual users can check their route data to improve their frequently used routes and reach their destination faster. Route history data is also an excellent tool to check on young family members and their driving habits as all important events are logged and stored on our servers.

Driver Identification

Driver identification technology has numerous advantages for businesses and individuals. The latest addition to our vehicle tracking devices – Insurance Trackers – benefit from this cutting-edge technology to prevent theft and alert the owners as well as our monitoring centre about an emergency by triggering an alert if a vehicle’s engine is started without the proper driver recognition tags. The same security benefit applies to businesses as well but additionally, fleet managers can determine the drivers behind the wheel without manually checking with the help driver fobs assigned to their employees. This will prevent any unauthorised vehicle use and help managers to optimise the usage of work hours for their workforce.


As one of the most powerful tools against theft, immobilisation offers the vehicle owners a chance to recover their vehicle quickly and safely. Our Insurance Tracker range is equipped with remote and auto immobilisation features that allow field managers and vehicle owners to ensure their vehicle’s safety regardless of their location. Auto immobilisation prevents a vehicle’s engine from being started without the assigned driver recognition tags while remote immobilisation feature prevents a vehicle’s engine from being restarted without the authorisation of the vehicle’s owner. With the help of the police, a stolen vehicle or a theft attempt can be stopped in its trackers and your vehicle will be safely returned.

GPSLive Asset Tracking Platform

Cloud-based GPS Tracking platform, available on all web browsers and IOS & Android app stores.

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