GPS Tracking Software

Manage your business fleet with our cutting-edge tracking software anywhere, any time. GPSLive allows you to monitor thousands of objects at the same time by displaying their location on the map and relaying important information about the condition of the targets. Our tracking software is designed to be user-friendly and to overcome the most challenging tasks. With access to the vast amount of information collected by the tracking devices 24/7, you can generate instant reports to view fuel usage, speeding, risky behaviour, and you can schedule reports to keep track of risky driver behaviour. GPSLive tracking software is a powerful tool to make sure your vehicles, assets and family members are safe and your vehicle fleets perform at an optimal level.

GPS vehicle trackers combined with GPSLive software will allow you to locate any vehicle, anywhere in the world using nothing but your PC, tablet or smartphone. GPSLive cloud-based tracking software is engineered to work with Rewire Security’s extensive line of GPS tracking devices and provides users with prominent tools such as maintenance reminders, route history, trip logs and driver behaviour reports. For mobile use remember to check out GPSLive APP for IOS and Android.