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SpyTrack Service Top-Up

SpyTrack Service includes; unlimited access to the Cloud GPS Tracking Website and SpyTrack Mobile Application as well as Global Cellular Usage without extra roaming charges. Cloud GPS Tracking website allows you to locate any person, asset or vehicle in real-time, anywhere in the world. The SpyTrack Nano accurately records and stores your tracker’s activity and previous routes on the cloud for up to 90 days. SpyTrack software has been developed with simplicity in mind and we provide a user manual as well as instructional Youtube videos to make sure you are comfortable with the interface. SpyTrack features Reports which can be created in HTML, PDF or CSV formats to allow the data to be imported into other software systems.

No Contracts, Pay As You Go

We do not require you to sign any contracts, you can start and stop tracking whenever you want. Pay as you go payment model gives all the control to the user and lowers your tracking expenses. Spytrack service grants full access to our cloud-based GPS tracking software. Cloud tracking website and the mobile app displays the location of SpyTrack Nano in real-time, offering different map views to make it easier to assess where the SpyTrack Nano really is. SpyTrack Nano can be set to notify you whenever a predefined event -such as speeding- occurs, you can opt. in to get notified by SMS, Smartphone Notifications or Email.

Cloud Tracking & Global Access

Travelling to Europe often? Then one of our M2M data SIM cards is a fantastic solution to avoid costly roaming charges, included in your SpyTrack Service. M2M data SIM card technology is specially developed for use in data only communicating situations, such as GPS tracking devices. In addition to being able to roam across Europe with no extra charges, our M2M data SIMs are multi-network, enabling them to connect to the strongest mobile signal available no matter the network in the UK and EU. These excellent features make our fixed cost M2M SIMs an excellent solution for travelling or using your GPS tracking device in remote areas.


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