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Power1300mAh Battery powered
GPS Module                                         GPS + GLONASS (U-blox GNSS)
SensitivityUp to 1-2 meters
Dimensions68 x 38 x 23 mm
Weight60 grams
Stand By TimeUp to 240 hours (30 seconds update intervals)
Water ResistanceIP65 compliant water resistant

SpyTrack Nano Package Contents:

  • SpyTrack Nano Personal GPS Tracker
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

SpyTrack Nano requires SpyTrack Service subscription.

SpyTrack Nano GPS Tracker

Keep an eye on your family members, employees or anyone you need to locate with the SpyTrack Nano Personal GPS Tracker from Rewire Security. SpyTrack Nano is one of the smallest GPS tracking devices for locating children, assets, distribution personnel and Alzheimer’s patients. You can’t accompany your children in the school, sports practice or when they are at their friends’ house but the SpyTrack Nano can do it for you and it will report its real-time location 24/7. Draw geo-fences on the map to get notified whenever the SpyTrack Nano breaches that zone. Setting up a zone on Spytrack Platform takes only a few seconds and you can opt. in to get notified on your smartphone using the free Spytrack mobile application. Geofence zones allow businesses to easily record the time spent on or off the jobs, the stored time-location data can be used as proof of on-site customer service.

SpyTrack Cloud Tracking Software

SpyTrack website allows you to locate any person, asset or vehicle in real-time, anywhere in the world. The SpyTrack Nano accurately records and stores your tracker’s activity and previous routes on Spytrack Platform for up to 180 days. SpyTrack has been developed with simplicity in mind and we provide a user manual as well as instructional Youtube videos to make sure you are comfortable with the interface. SpyTrack features Reports which can be created in HTML, PDF or CSV formats to allow the data to be imported into other software systems. SpyTrack mobile app displays the location of SpyTrack Nano in real-time, offering different map views to make it easier to assess where the SpyTrack Nano really is. SpyTrack Nano can be set to notify you whenever a predefined event -such as speeding- occurs, you can opt. in to get notified by SMS, Smartphone Notifications or Email. 

SpyTrack Mobile Application

View real-time location of people and assets on a smartphone. SpyTrack mobile app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android-based devices such as Samsung Galaxy series, HTC, Google smartphone and tablets. The mobile application is included free of charge with a SpyTrack subscription. Once you login to the app, all of the features can be accessed via the dashboard. SpyTrack mobile app’s user interface has been designed with ease of use and simplicity in mind and allows users to locate the SpyTrack on the map in a few seconds. SpyTrack mobile app works in synchronisation with your Spytrack account, therefore, the smartphone notifications are nearly instant and free of charge. Pre-set events include; movement alarm, zone in/out, speeding alarm and more. Once you create and setup your Spytrack account, there is no need for a PC to start tracking. SpyTrack Nano requires SpyTrack Service subscription.

SpyTrack Nano requires SpyTrack Service in order to upload the location data to our cloud servers, using cellular(SIM) data coverage anywhere in the world. SpyTrack Service also includes unlimited SpyTrack Software and SpyTrack Mobile APP access. 

SpyTrack Service Plans



View in real-time and replay the precise routes taken by the tracking device.


Better accuracy using the latest global GNSS positioning system that combines GPS+GLONASS.


A geo-fence is a virtual border that you can manually set-up on the map. 


Set your tracker to alert you whenever a vehicle starts moving or stops.


The device can be set to notify specific phone numbers if the panic button is pressed.


The device can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.


Make better decisions with extensive vehicle performance and journey reporting with analytics.


Built-in 1300 mAh battery provides power and long standby duration.

Download SpyTrack Mobile APP 

Johnny 24/05/2018

Just bought one of these to track my bike, works like a charm.

Ed K. 20/10/2017

Great little device, very easy to use.. the app can be modified to include more features from the website.
Has an outstanding battery life!

Rick 29/08/2017

Great service from Rewire as always!
The tracker is so small and has great battery life but the APP could be better with some improvement.

John Saunders 21/08/2017

This is an extremely good GPS tracker. I've been testing it out for a few weeks now. The battery life is around 7-10 days and the location is always perfectly accurate. This was the solution to all of my problems.

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