SAT50 – Satellite Tracker

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SAT50 Satellite Tracker Long Term Deployment

SAT50 is a small, satellite based asset tracker, ideal for tracking and locating assets in the most remote areas, even in the middle of the ocean. Instead of the GSM cell tower network, SAT50 utilizes Globalsat Satellite Network to transmit its location to our servers, allowing the tracking device to be connected even on top of a mountain or in the middle of the ocean. The tracker’s data interval can be configured to transmit its location 1,2,4 or 6 times a day, making it ideal for tracking portable assets and vehicles in remote and distant areas where the GSM network is not available.

SAT50 Satellite Tracker Long Term Deployment
Does Not Require GSM Signals

Does Not Require GSM Signals

SAT50 does not require GSM cellular tower connection because it uses Telecommunication Satellites to transmit its location. Operating with one of the fastest satellite networks in the world will allow you to access location data without any interruption, anywhere in the world and within seconds. SAT50 is ideal for tracing and locating; containers, assets, boats, and overseas cargo. The device is equipped with an integrated accelerometer and motion sensors, for providing the user information on if the asset is stationary or moving. SAT50 is a plug and play tracker and it takes just a few seconds to install.

Long Term Deployment

SAT50 Portable Asset Tracker arrives at your doorstep pre-configured with an active GPSLive software and app subscription. Once the tracker is turned ON, it will start broadcasting its location to our cloud servers, easily accessible by using a smartphone or computer on-demand, anywhere in the world. GPSLive APP is compatible with IoS and Android and it comes free of charge. Despite its small size, SAT50 is designed to last up to 1.5 years with 4 standard AAA lithium batteries. SAT50 portable asset tracker is excellent for long-range logistics operations with its ability to save its power by sending scheduled reports and power saving modes to conserve battery life.

Long Term Deployment
Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Setup alerts for important events such as; speeding, idling, moving, out of work hours use, or draw boundaries around important areas to use the zone in and out alerts to get instantly notified if a vehicle enters or leave the zone. You will be able to opt. in to get notified by SMS, email or push notifications on your smartphone if you use the GPSLive app. Alerts allow you to keep an eye on your valuable assets or vehicles at all times.

Download GPSLive APP IOS & Android App Stores

Mobile Tracking APP

Key Features

Solar Powered

Powerful Battery

4x AAA 1.5v Lithium battery and integrated energy saving technology offer up to 1.5+ years battery life.

Custom Reports

Container Tracking

Locate valuable assets and monitor overases cargo shipments.

Powerful Antenna

Satellite Based

Sat50 Uses Globalsat Satellite Network to transmit data.(instead of regular GSM cell towers).

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

SAT50 uses Telecom satellites to provide global coverage.

Geofence Zones

Machinery Tracking

Track the movements of machinery operating in remote areas.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Your smartphone will display a notification whenever GPSLive detects a pre-set event.

Dashboards & Charts

GPSLive presents detailed fleet information in a visual manner allowing managers to easily figure out the idling, speeding, fuel usage data regarding fleet vehicles. Overall fleet, driver and vehicle dashboards provide a great deal of information in charts allowing you to find out the miss-behavior drivers, most used vehicles and top speeders in just a few seconds. Sensor dashboard provides data on sensors such as fuel, temperature and humidity levels.

Dashboards & Charts
Extensive Reporting

Extensive Reporting

GPSLive reporting system offers a wide choice of reports available for your use. The reporting system allows you to see what your vehicles have been used for and the total mileage, average and top speed associated with the chosen timeframe. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to you automatically or can be downloaded manually, on demand. You can view vehicle information such as the location, speed, used routes, trip duration and fuel usage.


    • Quick installation
    • Low power consumption
    • Satellite operation using the Globalstar Simplex Data Network
    • 4 different location reporting times


Package Contents

  • SAT50 Asset tracker
GSM/GPRS ModuleNone. SAT50 Uses the Globalstar Simplex Satellite Network to report its location
GPS ModuleGPS Module
BatteryUses 4x Lithium ION Batteries
Line Power5V DC or 8-22V DC with regulator cable
Operating Temperature-22 to 140°F (-30 to 60°C)
Dimensions2.7 x 3.25 x 1in (6.86 x 8.26 x 2.54cm) with brackets
Weight 102g (3.6 oz) with 4 batteries
Power SavingStandby mode, Scheduled Reporting
ComplianceCE, RoHS

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