Accessories for GPS Tracking devices including; USB cables, covers, spare parts, waterproof cases, chargers and many more. Make more use of your GPS Tracker Unit using our wide range of GPS Tracking accessories. Magnetic cases are ideal for attaching a tracker to a car and hard-wire kits are the best solution to charge your trackers battery in a vehicle.

GPS Vehicle Tracker GPS SMA Antenna
Spare or replacement GPS Tracker antenna for use with tracking devices and other navigation products..
GPS Vehicle Tracker GSM/GPRS SMA Antenna
Suitable for all GPS vehicle trackers and equipment that uses GSM/GPRS.  190cm long cable finis..
GPS Vehicle Tracker High Power GSM/GPRS SMA Antenna
Suitable for all GPS vehicle trackers and equipment that uses GSM/GPRS. High power & gain, an id..
GPS Vehicle Tracker Movement/Vibration/Shock Sensor
Vibration Sensor Compatible with the 103 RS, 103 RS+, Tk103, Tk103B ,Tk103+, TK107Turn your tra..
Weatherproof GPS Tracker Case
Weatherproof box ideal for GPS trackers and other valuable assets. A fantastic solution for any valu..
Adjustable Bonnet Switch
This switch is suitable for use as bonnet / boot / door switch sensor.When the bonnet is open the ci..
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Keep an eye on your vehicles, fleet, family members, children, elderly, employees or anyone you need to locate with the use of GPS Tracking Devices and Personal Locators from Rewire Security. Rewire Security offers impeccable locating and tracking solutions for individuals: GPSLive and businesses: GPSLive Fleet. GPSLive Cloud Based GPS Tracking Software can be accessed using a PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone in real-time and allows users to view the location of their assets. GPSLive software provides users with advanced mapping features such as; geo-fence zones, route history, event alarms, instant notifications and usage reports.