Loneworker Protection App
Track & Protect Field Workers

Monitor Lone Workers

RSProtect lone worker protection app is ideal for improving the safety of your employees working in distant, isolated work sites. Maintenance workers, forestry, mining, and employees in similar fields may be required to work in remote areas without any contact nearby, in such scenarios the risk of their well-being increases. RSProtect works on IOS and Android smartphones, it helps business owners and managers keep an eye on their employees’ real-time location without the need for a GPS device. Through real-time GPS tracking and Man down detection services, the app helps businesses keep their workers safe in remote works sites and provides on-demand incident reports.
Bluetooth SOS watch
Optional Emergency Button

Wearable SOS Button

In some scenarios, if the lone worker can’t access their smartphone easily in case of an unwanted accident, the optional smart Bluetooth button can be useful. Time is of the essence in emergency situations, the wearable (as a watch, belt buckle, or on a keychain) SOS button instantly activates the RSProtect app and sends an alarm to authorities instantly. Coupled with real-time GPS positioning, instant alarms, and SOS timer, RSProtect will always be with your remote employees and help is never far away. The smart button is as small as a coin and it’s designed to be compact enough to wear as a watch or a keychain. 

Real-time Smartphone Tracking

RSProtect© Lone Worker Tracking Software is engineered to meet the highest demands of businesses and organizations. Anytime your lone worker employees travel alone, as long as they have their smartphone with them, you will be able to locate and help them.

Easy To Use

RSProtect is a simple app, it’s designed to be user-friendly and does not require tech background.

SOS Alarm

When the SOS button is pressed the app will send an emergency alert to an authorized manager.

Man Down

If the smartphone is on the ground and not moving the app will detect a trip or fall and send an alert.

Rsprotect Mobile App

Check-in Reminders

The app sets fixed 30 minutes check-in periods for the users, field workers must check in at any point of the 30 minutes period to confirm they are safe and to reset the timer for the next 30 minutes.

SOS Panic Button

When pressed, the Panic button allows lone workers to immediately send an SOS alarm to specified phone numbers as well as a notification on the cloud tracking platform for business managers.

Man Down Alarm

If an employee is on the ground and has not moved for a long period of time, the app automatically triggers a Man Down alarm. (If the user does not cancel the alarm in 30 seconds.)

Timed Sessions

Timed Sessions trigger a countdown and activate GPS logging. If an employee does not check-in before the end of the timed session, an alert will be sent to the management.
Loneworker Tracking App
Loneworker Safety App
Loneworker Protection App
Loneworker Tracking App
IOS & Android Compatible
Compatible with IOS & Android devices

Works on IOS & Android

RSProtect is compatible with smartphones working on Apple IOS or Android operating systems. It’s an ideal solution for improving the safety of remote workers. If your employee has RSProtect installed on their smartphone, they will never be alone in the field. Simply by pressing the S.O.S. button, they can alert you in an emergency situation. The app allows workers in remote sites and employees travelling in risky areas to discretely send a call for help in an emergency scenario. RSProtect allows the managers to locate a member of their lone worker employees working remotely.
Check in reminder
Notifications for Missed Check-in

Check-in Reminders

Location check-ins are now as simple as the tap of a finger. RSProtect allows the users to check-in manually or start a timed session before taking on a new task. Once the session is complete, the users are reminded to check-in, if an employee does not check-in after the timed session, an automatic alarm is sent to the managers to notify them. RSProtect constantly reminds the employees and managers to stay in touch to avoid an incident. %15 of the workforce in the UK are classified as lone workers, RSProtect is the perfect fit.
  • View the location of your lone worker employees in real-time, 24/7.
  • When pressed panic button will send an S.O.S. alert to a preset phone number.
  • Make better decisions by analyzing the incident reports.
  • SpyTrack Nano can be used internationally in 150 countries.
  • If your employee falls, the app will trigger a Man Down Alarm.
  • Timed sessions and check-in reminders for consistency.