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1 Year Subscription (12 months) For GPSLive Premium For One Tracking Device

GPSlive Premium is a powerful on-line tool that allows users to track all their tracked vehicles, assets or personnel from one cloud based tracking account. Simple to use, full featured tracking platform with no install required. Login anywhere in the world via an internet web browser on a Mac, PC, Tablet or Smartphone. GPSlive Premium can monitor 1000s of tracked objects in real time as well as also storing full detailed rolling travel history for the previous 180 days including start, stops, routes and speeds.


Live Tracking- Track the location of your objects (vehicle, people, mobile, asset etc.) on-line live in real time.

Alerts & Notifications- Create SMS text message* or email alerts for important events such as, speeding, SOS, ignition, movement, zones and many more.

History- GPSLive stores full travel data of each tracker for the previous rolling 180 days. Search and replay travel data via time and date, view logged preset events such as movement, speeding, ignition etc as well as all starts, stops and journeys. Download and export travel data in various formats including GSR, KML (Google Earth),GPX and CSV formats.

Reports- Create and customise over 15 different travel reports. Schedule reports to be automatically emailed daily or weekly. Generate instant reports based on customer between PDF, HTML or XSL file formats.

Maps & Addresses- Customisable map views including satellite, hybrid, road and traffic view each trackers current address as well previous addresses formstarts/stops &events. Users can also search addresses via postcode, street and town or longitude and latitude coordinates.

Geofencing- This features allows users to set up custom geographical zones/boundaries around specific areas on the map. Receive notifications via SMS text message* or email as objects leave or enter these marked boundaries.

Routes-Create and save previously travelled routes. Activate alerts via SMS text message or email as objects (trackers) enter or leaves selected routes.

Points Of Interest (POI) -Markers can be used to log and highlight different addresses or points on the tracking map. Each POIcan be customised with its own icon and name.

Service Alerts- Create custom service alerts based on mileage engine hours or date. Activate SMS text message alerts* or emails based on when services are due.

Send Commands- Change settings and modes on supported trackers directly on-line using our integrated 'Command Centre'**.

User Interface- Fully customisable user interface including time zone, colour schemes, sounds and icon sizes to name a few.

Mobile& APP-Log into your GPSLive account on the go using either the mobile version of GPSLive ( or one of our streamlined smart phone APPs currently available for IOS and Android.


Groups- All trackers, zones and markers can be organised into groups that can be.

Icons & Names- Over 70 different icons to choose as well as the ability to create and upload custom icons.

Subaccounts-Create different logins with limited permissions or access rights. Advanced features including auto account expiry, URL login and live view only.

Sensors-Detect and monitor different settings on trackers remotely including battery state, input/outputs, towing and many more***.

Driver ID- Track who is driving what vehicle where when and how. Create driver ID cards, Monitor who is driving live  and view and create reports on historic driver logs***.

Fuel Detection-Remotely monitor vehicle fuel levels, create reports on fuels fillings and potential fuels theft as well as fuel ongoing consumption***.

Engine idle Detection- Detect and monitor engine idling remotely. Monitor live as well as activating SMS text message* or email alerts when detected***.

Driving Behaviour- Monitor live, harsh acceleration, corning and braking. Create score based RAG(red, amber, green) reports on how the vehicle is being driven***.

Lone Workers- Use GPSlive to monitor lone workers, leaflet/marketing distributors. detect man down, check points, panic/SOS buttons alerts. Use reports and detailed tracking data to provide evidence of where employees have been. Share tracking data using subaccounts or export to Google earth***.  

API- Using application programming interface (API), your development team is able to create bespoke solutions that export live data from our systems into other back-office software tools. A variety of metrics can be extracted including current live position, trip summary, speed, driver behaviour*** and many other data parameters.

*Optional GPSLive SMS credits required**Optional GPSLive SMS credits required, Rewire M2M data sim users receive 30 free command messages per months on compatible trackers.***Compatible tracker required.

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