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GPS Trackers for Electric Vehicles

Vehicle tracking systems for improving security, route planning and keeping your electric vehicle maintained.

Electric vehicles are gaining popularity all over the world. There are countless benefits to owning an electric vehicle; zero emissions, fuel economy and lower operating expenses which makes them ideal cars for daily use. EVs are perfect for little excursions and commutes with their speed, performance, and low fuel consumption. The statistics show that the electric car sales have risen exponentially over the last years in the UK. From around 3.500 cars in 2013, we now have over 166.000 electric vehicles on the roads of UK. Over 45.000 electric or hybrid cars were registered in 2017 alone. 

Electric vehicles are superior to every other car on the market if you’re looking from an environmental perspective and people are switching to EVs for all the right reasons, but security and driving range remain an issue. 

Electric Vehicle Recharging

Driving an electric car is fun, and it’s definitely affordable, but they are also sizeable investments. Criminals target EVs because of their high reselling value and expensive parts. Unlike fossil fuel cars, some EV models gain value over time which makes them even more desirable for thieves. With more criminals targeting electric cars at an increasing rate, there is a growing demand by the EV owners for sophisticated GPS trackers to help them protect their brand-new cars. Vehicle tracking systems offer effective solutions for common EV issues such as security concerns, route planning and keeping track of maintenance cycles. Even new EVs such as Teslas require a security system and the best option is getting a tesla GPS tracker.

The limited driving range is one of the biggest issues for EV owners. It is also one of the main reasons why some people are reluctant to buy an electric car. Unless you live in a major European or US city, it is not easy to find a charging station nearby to be able to charge your vehicle whenever necessary. EV owners can benefit immensely from the navigational capabilities of GPS trackers to charge their vehicles. Map markers and geofence zones can work as reminders for owners to pull into a charging station depending on their vehicle’s state of charge. This way, EVs will never run out of battery, and you can keep driving them without having to worry about your mileage. 

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Another massive benefit of installing a GPS tracker for electric car owners is the ability to plan your route. Especially for longer trips, you have to plan your route before you set out for the road or you might end up stranded in the middle of nowhere with an empty battery. Vehicle tracking devices frequently send location updates which are stored on the cloud-based tracking servers for up to 3 months. People with access to the tracker can view the previously taken routes and plan their subsequent routes accordingly. EV owners can make corrections for their regular routes to make them shorter and map out efficient paths for future trips. 

Electric vehicles require less maintenance compared to other cars, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore or delay it. Engine, tire and battery inspections are important, and they can directly affect your mileage. Plug&Play GPS vehicle trackers can be installed to a vehicle’s OBD-II port, and they can access the vehicle’s onboard computer. With the ability to read data from the vehicle’s computer, you gain access to the engine error codes, and you can determine the best time to take their EV in for servicing. Keeping your EV healthy and maintained is vital for optimum mileage; this way you can benefit from the recommended range to the full extent.

GPSLive Tracking Platform on Various Devices

It is clear that vehicle tracking systems are excellent for route planning and keeping your EV maintained, but security is still a major issue for EV owners. Vehicle tracking devices offer state-of-the-art features that can be used to boost the security of vehicles. Geofence zones are a great way to protect EVs when you are working or busy with a daily task. Vehicle tracking devices allow the users to set virtual perimeters for specific locations on the map where their vehicles are stationary for extended periods of time. If the vehicle is moved outside of the designated area without authorization, people with access to the GPS tracker will receive instant notifications 24/7. Electric cars are very quiet, and even if a thief breaks into it and turns on the engine, owners might not hear it unless they are very close to the vehicle. For this reason, tools like movement sensor and geofence zones are extremely useful for EVs. 

The motion sensor is an effective tool to prevent your EV from being stolen. It can be easily activated with the push of a button by using the smartphone APP. If someone moves your EV without your consent, the sensor will detect the movement right away and send an alert. A quick response can stop the thieves in their tracks and even if the criminals manage to get away, you can track the location of the vehicle in real-time and inform the local law enforcement officers. 

EVs might be fast and quiet, but they are always within your reach with a vehicle tracking device onboard. Should the worst happen and a thief steals your electric vehicle,, you can locate it within minutes. With regular location updates and pinpoint accuracy, you can notify the police and have them recover your EV safe and sound. Car thieves are organized people, that is why it is important to be vigilant in emergency situations and alert the local law enforcement officers immediately. Otherwise, the thieves might get away with your EV in tow.

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Electric vehicle ownership comes with its own set of challenges. Charging stations are increasing in number but they are still not as prominent and widespread as gas stations; that is why planning ahead for efficient routes and keeping track of nearby charging stations become a daily routine. It is also important to keep EVs in tip-top shape to benefit fully from the optimal vehicle range. There is also the looming issue of electric vehicles being an attractive target for criminals. The definitive solution to all these problems is simple: vehicle tracking devices. By simply installing a vehicle tracker on your EV, you can eliminate all the security concerns and plan for your future journeys with ease.

Electric Cars - Improving the Safety of EVs with GPS Tracking
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Electric Cars - Improving the Safety of EVs with GPS Tracking
Vehicle tracking systems for improving security, route planning and keeping your electric vehicle maintained.
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