DB1 Lite GPS Tracker

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  • Global coverage costs an additional £2 per month.

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DB1 Lite Vehicle Tracker Car, Motorcylce & Vans

DB1-Lite GPS Tracker is an ideal GPS tracking solution for motorcycles, cars, and vans. Once installed the DB1-Lite will automatically start reporting its position every time it starts moving. Featuring; ultra-low current draw, a backup battery for when the power is lost and the latest Quad GPS Module (Combines GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO & AGPS) coupled with Smart Auto-Load Technology. There is no need to install any proprietary software or maps to your computers. GPSLive cloud-based vehicle tracking platform is accessible using an internet browser on a PC or Mac. IOS and Android compatible mobile app GPSlive come free of charge with the ability to deliver Event Notifications on your smartphone or tablet.

GPSLive Mobile APP
Global Coverage

UK, EU or Global Coverage

GPSLive service subscription includes coverage in UK & EU, with an optional coverage for more than 120 countries, unlimited GPSLive software, and GPSLive app usage. The tracker will be supplied pre-configured by our team of experts, and it will installedwith a multi-network SIM card. Our M2M SIM cards will pick up the best signal in 120 countries and there are no extra roaming charges or hidden fees when you’re abroad.

Prepaid tracking service options.

Unlimited GPSLive software and app access, only one cost. No hidden fees or long contracts.

12 Months
24 Months

Previous Route History

GPSLive cloud-based GPS tracking software is engineered to meet the highest demands of individual users, small businesses to enterprise level fleets without compromising ease of use.The location of each asset is automatically updated on the map in near real-time. GPSLive allows users to view previous route history and trip timeline, to find out when and where a vehicle has been in the past.

Mobile Vehicle Tracking APP
Instant Push Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Setup alerts for important events such as; speeding, idling, moving, out of work hours use, or draw boundaries around important areas to use the zone in and out alerts to get instantly notified if a vehicle enters or leave the zone. You will be able to opt. in to get notified by SMS, email or push notifications on your smartphone if you use the GPSLive app. Alerts allow you to keep an eye on your valuable assets or vehicles at all times. Enhance your motorbike’s security with real-time push notifications to your mobile device, alerting you immediately if your bike is moved or suspected to be stolen.

Download GPSLive APP
IOS & Android App Stores

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Key Features

Overspeed Alert

Overspeed Alert

The device can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Make better decisions with extensive vehicle performance and driver behaviour reports.

Route History

Route History

View and replay the previous routes driven by your vehicle, stored in the cloud for the past 1 year.

Ignition Status

Ignition Status

Monitor your vehicle’s ignition status at all times. Get notified instantly if the engine is turned on or off.

Geofence Zones

Geofence Zones

Draw boundaries around important locations on the map to get notified if a vehicle enters or leaves the zone.

Service Alerts

Service Alerts

Manage your service routine with custom service alerts based on mileage, engine hours or date.

Trip Logs for Businesses

Trip Logs for Businesses

For businesses with a vehicle fleet, fuel bills make up a considerable share of total expenses. Recording business mileage for tax reimbursements can be a hassle – especially when done on paper – but the benefits make it worthwhile. GPSLive – Trip Log feature enables business owners to mark business and private usage of fleet vehicles, allowing managers to easily distinguish mileage done between business and personal use for tax reimbursements.

Dashboards & Charts

GPSLive presents detailed fleet information in a visual manner allowing managers to easily figure out the idling, speeding, fuel usage data regarding fleet vehicles. Overall fleet, driver and vehicle dashboards provide a great deal of information in charts allowing you to find out the miss-behavior drivers, most used vehicles and top speeders in just a few seconds. Sensor dashboard provides data on sensors such as fuel, temperature and humidity levels.

Dashboards & Charts
Mileage and Route Tracking

Extensive Reporting

GPSLive reporting system offers a wide choice of reports available for your use. The reporting system allows you to see what your vehicles have been used for and the total mileage, average and top speed associated with the chosen timeframe. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to you automatically or can be downloaded manually, on demand. You can view vehicle information such as the location, speed, used routes, trip duration and fuel usage.

User Manual

User ManualDB1-Lite User Manual
5.8 MB
User ManualDB1-Lite Wiring Diagram
0.4 MB

Additional information

Weight100 g

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19 reviews for DB1 Lite GPS Tracker

  1. Chris

    Just purchased a second db1 lite for a second motorbike, I’ve had my first one about 3 years and it’s been faultless the guys at rewire are really professional and will help set up the tracker or sort any problems or queries out .. a must have if you want to keep your bikes or vehicles safe and the price is a bargain

  2. Fabio Brito

    For The price value the db1 lite is really good and easy to install. The amount of information the tracker feeds back is unreal. Thank you for the amazing product will be buying more

  3. Edward Witkowski

    Hi, can this be used in a caravan with a permanently charged leisure battery via solar panel?

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)

      Hi Edward

      One of our team will be in touch via email shortly.

  4. Richard McMahon

    Is the disable signal continuous, i.e. if signal is sent, what is the voltage of the output signal and one triggered is it continuous so it will energise a relay until told to stop?

  5. Csaba vass

    I am quite happy with this device and have been using it for 2 years now. Lately I had to uninstall the battery several times as it was being depleted by the trekker due to standing long times courtesy of covid. I have noticed when installing the trekker that there are sparks when installing the second lead. Is that normal as nothing else such as heated grips produces sparks?

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)

      Hi Daren, One of our team will be in touch via email shortly.

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)

      Hi Csaba

      One of our team will be in touch via email shortly.

  6. Chris Naylor

    Hi, I’ve got a driver that is using our vehicle for personal use…….I’m wanting something to track where he goes out of work time.
    What would you recommend & what would the cost be to purchase plus the subscription etc ?

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)

      Hi, One of our team will be in contact via email.

  7. JM

    Hello. In the event my car was stolen, do I have a choice of cutting off the fuel supply and/or blocking the restarting of the car’s ignition after it has stopped. Devices being considered are the DB1 – lite and DB1 – Advanced Waterproof. Please also advise any other different options and benefits between the 2 devices. Thank you.

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)


      Thank you for your question. With the DB1-advanced tracker, you can purchase the optional ignition block relay that will allow you to block the car from being started in the event of theft.

  8. Tony McGhee

    Hi, I am looking at the DB1-Lite Compact for my campervan, is that suitable. Also what is the yearly cost. I know I buy the tracker and the service plan. Do I have to pay for a sim card contract as well.

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)

      Hi, The DB1-lite is a good choice for a campervan. 12 months service is £60 and this also includes use of the tracker’s data sim card as well.

  9. Bill

    So, I’m gonna fit a DB1 lite to my motorcycle.
    What’s the difference between connecting the yellow to an ign fed live and not connecting (just using just the red and and black wires)?

  10. George Manson

    Nowhere, that I can find on your site, indicates how to install the unit(s) {e.g. DB1 Lite} into a car. Does it need special tools and/or experience?

    • Rewire Security

      Hi George, for self-installation we recommend using the DB2-Self-install, it’s easier and only requires wiring of 2 cables and has an installation video guide.
      For the db1-lite you can find the installation instructions in the User Manuals page here : https://www.rewiresecurity.co.uk/dl

  11. Bill

    Waterproof / splash proof?
    If no, could I place it in a poly bag ?

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)


      The DB1 Lite is not IP Rated, If you are looking for IP rated tracker have a look at the DB2this will be a better-suited tracker for Motorbikes.

  12. Bill

    Hi, does this need to be mounted flat or can I tuck it securely on its side behind a metal motorcycle panel?

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)

      We would normally recommend positioning the tracker flat on the bike where possible with the sticker facing upright. However if you don’t have this as an option then you can place on the side with the sticker facing out on the side as the GPS/ GPRS module positioned below this to pick up the best signal.

  13. Barry Wilson

    Hi does this need to be attached to the battery?

    • Rewire Security

      Hi Barry,

      Yes, the DB1-Lite requires wiring to the battery of the vehicle.
      It has a backup battery that will provide enough power for a few hours just in case.

  14. jay


    Is it possible to remotely disable a car which has been stolen – i.e. cut off the fuel supply?

    • Rewire Security

      Hi Jay,

      Yes, it is possible using the DB1-Lite. You can use the app to send a command to the device to disable the car (it will be disabled once it slows down, to avoid an accident).

  15. Gyles Harden

    Hi, I want to buy an alarm or tracker for my daughters first car but is the DB1-Lite Compact recognised by insurance companies?
    Also is there a monthly payment for the GPS tracking via your App or is it one fee to purchase the tracker and that’s it?

    • Rewire Security

      Hi Gyles,

      DB1-lite compact is a great solution for keeping an eye on your daughter 24/7 (to improve her safety).
      Other than purchasing the tracker, you need to subscribe for GPSLive service which includes software, app, and SIM card usage that’s inside the tracker.
      But I’m afraid the tracker is not recognised by insurance companies.

  16. C Rafferty

    My car has a ctek charger attached
    What product do you recommend? Db2 or db1 lite
    Do these products have an anti-tamper alert?

    • Rewire Security

      Hi Rafferty,

      An ideal GPS tracker for a vehicle that has a Ctek charger will be a DB1-Lite model with one Digital Input and 1x Digital Output. Model DB2 is a basic GPS tracker with simple wiring and it is not a suitable option in regards to combination with a Ctek charger. This will cause that the tracker will never go the sleep mode and therefore, the device will be using more data and also the battery.

      Regarding the anti-tamper alert, you`ll be able to set up a “”Power-Cut”” alarm with any of our GPS trackers directly from your GPSlive account and you will be notified if the tracker is removed.

  17. Anthony Jones

    hiya would it be possible to move the DB1 LITE between vehicles i.e car/ motorcycles

    • Rewire Security

      Hi Anthony, yes it is possible to move the db1-lite between vehicles, as long as there’s a power source and you are comfortable with re-wiring the tracker to a new vehicle.

  18. Brian j Snook..

    Hi.. can you tell me would it be cheaper to use PAUG or buy 12 months because we go away for 7 months of the year in the motorhome, i would like to know before I order.. you read a lot of things in question and answers you don’t which way to turn. This is for the DB1. Or do I look at something else…. and will it be ok to go straight to the battery for power I do have solar panels on top 2, 80w, it charges the vehicle battery as well when it stands up for months on end. So hope you can help . Thank you for all time … reply soon….

    Regards BJSnook….

    • Rewire Security (verified owner)

      Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your message.

      Regarding our Tracking Service, this will include GPS live subscription and an M2M SIM card (including all the data that Tracker requires).
      All our tracking devices are supplied with our M2M data-only multi-network SIM cards. These sims don’t belong to a single network as they can roam between multiple networks and pick up a signal from whichever network has a better signal. You`ll also get free Europe coverage, there are no roaming charges.
      This SIM is included in the Tracking service and you can choose to pay £5 for 1 Month, £15 for 3Months, £30 for 6Months or £60 for 1 year.

      As you`ve mentioned that your Motorhome has solar panels installed, the device that will be suitable for your vehicle is DB1-Advanced.
      For more details about the unit please see the following link https://www.rewiresecurity.co.uk/db1-gps-tracker-telematics-device

      Please leave a note in the order that your Motorhome has solar panels so we`ll adjust the configuration for your GPS tracker.

      If you`ll need any further assistance, please let us know.

  19. Ellie Oliver

    Using one for tacking my daughter’s ford fiesta, would really recommend.

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