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DB1 4G

DB1 4G uses the latest technology in GPS and telematics and it’s a robust, compact unit. DB1 4G is a small and easy-to-fit tracker that has to be wired in the vehicle. It has two internal high gain GNSS and GSM antennas for improving its accuracy and coverage. The DB1 Advanced works on all vehicle voltage systems (+9 up to +30V) and it can be fitted in any vehicle type including trucks, vans, and busses. The DB1 4G features 4G coverage, digital inputs and outputs for telematics purposes and a state of the art motion detection feature as well as deep sleep functions for less power consumption. It’s an ideal device for tracking cars as well as for trucks, boats, yachts and vehicle fleets that operate in harsh weather conditions.

DB1 4G Mobile App
Global Coverage

UK, EU or Global Coverage

GPSLive service subscription includes coverage in UK & EU, with an optional coverage for more than 120 countries, unlimited GPSLive software, and GPSLive app usage. The tracker will be supplied pre-configured by our team of experts, and it will installed with a multi-network SIM card. Our M2M SIM cards will pick up the best signal in 120 countries and there are no extra roaming charges or hidden fees when you’re abroad.

Prepaid tracking service options.

Unlimited GPSLive software and app access, only one cost. No hidden fees or long contracts.

12 Months
24 Months

Previous Route History

GPSLive cloud-based GPS tracking software is engineered to meet the highest demands of individual users, small businesses to enterprise level fleets without compromising ease of use.The location of each asset is automatically updated on the map in near real-time. GPSLive allows users to view previous route history and trip timeline, to find out when and where a vehicle has been in the past.

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Instant Push Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Setup alerts for important events such as; speeding, idling, moving, out of work hours use, or draw boundaries around important areas to use the zone in and out alerts to get instantly notified if a vehicle enters or leave the zone. You will be able to opt. in to get notified by SMS, email or push notifications on your smartphone if you use the GPSLive app. Alerts allow you to keep an eye on your valuable assets or vehicles at all times.

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Key Features

Overspeed Alert

Overspeed Alert

The device can be set to alert you whenever the vehicle exceeds a certain speed.

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Make better decisions with extensive vehicle performance and driver behaviour reports.

Route History

Route History

View and replay the previous routes driven by your vehicle, stored in the cloud for the past 1 year.

Ignition Status

Ignition Status

Monitor your vehicle’s ignition status at all times. Get notified instantly if the engine is turned on or off.

Geofence Zones

Geofence Zones

Draw boundaries around important locations on the map to get notified if a vehicle enters or leaves the zone.

Service Alerts

Service Alerts

Manage your service routine with custom service alerts based on mileage, engine hours or date.

Business Trip Logging

Trip Logs for Businesses

For businesses with a vehicle fleet, fuel bills make up a considerable share of total expenses. Recording business mileage for tax reimbursements can be a hassle – especially when done on paper – but the benefits make it worthwhile. GPSLive – Trip Log feature enables business owners to mark business and private usage of fleet vehicles, allowing managers to easily distinguish mileage done between business and personal use for tax reimbursements.

Dashboards & Charts

GPSLive presents detailed fleet information in a visual manner allowing managers to easily figure out the idling, speeding, fuel usage data regarding fleet vehicles. Overall fleet, driver and vehicle dashboards provide a great deal of information in charts allowing you to find out the miss-behavior drivers, most used vehicles and top speeders in just a few seconds. Sensor dashboard provides data on sensors such as fuel, temperature and humidity levels.

Fleet Management Dashboards
Mileage and Route Tracking

Extensive Reporting

GPSLive reporting system offers a wide choice of reports available for your use. The reporting system allows you to see what your vehicles have been used for and the total mileage, average and top speed associated with the chosen timeframe. Reports can be scheduled to be emailed to you automatically or can be downloaded manually, on demand. You can view vehicle information such as the location, speed, used routes, trip duration and fuel usage.

Optional Features

Authorized Driving

Authorized Driving

The engine will be blocked if an unauthorized person attempts to start to the vehicle.

Learn more Driver Identification

Remote Engine Block

Remote Engine Block

Immobilize the vehicle remotely in case of theft or unauthorized use.

Learn more Driver Identification

Driver Identification

Driver Identification

Identify in real-time who is using a certain vehicle, where and for what purpose.

Learn more Driver Identification

GPSLive Asset Tracking Platform

Cloud-based GPS Tracking platform, available on all web browsers and IOS & Android app stores.

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GPSLive Gps Tracking Software

Additional information

Weight250 g
Dimensions10 × 3 × 10 cm

Rewire Security

2 reviews for DB1 4G – Professional

  1. Mark Pedley

    I can recommend this product if you want to self track your car / caravan etc. Decent device and installation was done by a professional, Good service, definitely recommended

  2. Alec Romano

    First, off – there are many trackers out there, most with very costly subscription models. This one is affordable to buy (and about £7 a month subscription). Construction seems very good and installation was straightforward. Very satisfied

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