Vehicle GPS Trackers

Rewire Security offers reliable GPS tracking devices for Vehicles. The devices will be delivered to your doorstep preconfigured by an expert in our team. Once turned on, the tracker will start uploading its location to our state-of-the-art GPS Tracking platform, GPSLive. Vehicle tracking devices allow you to locate any vehicle, car, bus or truck in real-time, anywhere in the world using a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. We offer a wide range of GPS tracking devices for all types of vehicles including motorbikes, vans, buses, trucks as well as yachts and boats. GPSLive software allows you to view real-time location of vehicles with pinpoint accuracy, and you will be able to create safe zones around important areas to get notified if the vehicle enters or leaves the area. With the use of optional sensors and accessories, you will gain valuable insight into the condition of your vehicles and keep an eye on your loved ones by monitoring their driving habits.

To protect your vehicle against theft and to keep track of your vehicle at all times, all you need is a GPS tracker, and a mobile device or a computer. Our cutting-edge GPS tracking software allows you to access information about your vehicle on the go and make changes when needed. Our tracking solutions can be tailor-made to fit for the requirements of individuals as well as business fleets. Rewire security is your trusted source for reliable personal, vehicle and fleet tracking in the United Kingdom and Europe.

To protect your vehicle against theft and to keep track of your vehicle at all times, all you need is a GPS tracker, and a mobile device or a computer. Our cutting-edge GPS tracking software allows you to access information about your vehicle on the go and make changes when needed. Our tracking solutions can be tailor-made to fit for the requirements of individuals as well as business fleets. Rewire security is your trusted source for reliable personal, vehicle and fleet tracking in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Take the Control of Your Vehicle into Your Hands

GPSLive tracking software provides fleet managers and company owners with extensive information about their drivers and vehicles, such as; real-time location, live tracking, route history, alerts & notifications, geo-fence zones, business mileage logging, and reports. Vehicle & Fleet management systems can be tailored to suit businesses of any size. Whether you have 10 or 1000 vehicles, GPS tracking software can become an irreplaceable tool and allow fleet managers to make the necessary adjustments to improve their fleet operations and profitability.

Smart and Affordable Vehicle Tracker Systems from Rewire Security. Locate and track cars, vehicle and assets in real-time, 24/7, anywhere in the world.

Benefits of Using Vehicle Tracking Systems

Rewire Security Vehicle Tracking Solutions are modern gadgets that are excellent for increasing the security of vehicles and improve the cost-efficiency of businesses who operate a vehicle fleet. Regardless of the vehicle type, our vehicle tracking systems are beneficial for both individuals and businesses for their daily needs and business operations.

The benefits and tools our vehicle trackers offer are unmatched on the market by any other devices especially when it comes to vehicle security and fleet management. Rewire Security vehicle tracking devices will arrive preconfigured and ready-to-use right out of the box. We offer professional installation services for our customers as well; you can sit back and enjoy the benefits of having a cutting-edge GPS tracking device while our certified engineers install your product for you.

What is a Vehicle Tracker and how does it work?

Global Positioning System or -GPS- as we know it, is an orbital navigation system that consists of 24 active satellites in orbit. Vehicle tracking devices utilise this revolutionary technology to locate your vehicles in real-time and provide additional information such as speed, direction and angle with the help of tracking software. Vehicle trackers offer powerful tools for enhancing the security of vehicles and improving business operations. As one of the continuously developing technologies, the field of GPS helps vehicle tracking systems improve our driver experience and help companies to execute flawless field operations.

GPSLive – Cutting-edge GPS Tracking Software

Rewire Security’s tracking software, GPSLive, is engineered to offer our customers the best user experience with a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Our users can access their tracking device settings easily by using any computer or mobile device and create alerts, generate reports and monitor the movements of your vehicles. You can access GPSLive by using a mobile device or a computer; our mobile APP is compatible with all iOS and Android supported devices and offers a user-friendly interface for managing and monitoring your vehicles. GPSLive will keep you updated with instant alerts and notifications about important events.

Live Tracking                                                                                                                                   

The primary role of GPS tracking technology is to provide real-time geolocation of tracked objects. Vehicle tracking devices allow you to locate your vehicles and mobile assets quickly on the map. You will be able to monitor the movements of your vehicles in real-time while they are en route for a delivery or check on your family members when they are driving through town. With the ability to locate a vehicle on-demand, managers and family members can send help in matters of emergency depending on the severity of the situation. Businesses that operate a vehicle fleet can benefit from live location updates by rerouting their vehicles for shorter delivery times while individuals can utilise the information to keep an eye on their loved ones.

Geofence Zones

Geofence zones are extremely useful for both businesses and individuals. This powerful tool allows users to create virtual barriers around specific locations on the digital map that triggers an alert and informs you about the breaches when they are active. There is a wide range of uses for geofence zones such as checking your employees’ arrival and departure times at job sites or observing the movements of your teenage children when they are behind the wheel.

-Employee Monitoring = One of the most common uses for geofence zones is tracking the use of work hours by employees. Field managers can create geofence zones around assigned job sites to check the employees’ entry and exit times and analyze their efficiency. Accurate time tracking also allows businesses to prevent false overtime claims and improve the productivity of your workforce through better planning for work orders in the future.

-Family Monitoring = You can keep an eye on your precious family members when they are behind the wheel by using vehicle tracking systems. Whether it is your teenage son or elderly father, you will have a peace of mind knowing they are driving responsibly and stay with safe areas of town with the help Rewire Security vehicle tracking devices. With instant notifications about important events such as speeding, geofence breaches and idling, you will be able to increase their awareness of the dangers of the traffic and warn your family members if necessary.

Route History

Rewire Security vehicle tracking devices collect and transmit a vast amount of information about your trips and all the route data is stored on our servers for up to 12 months. Our advanced cloud tracking software, GPSLive allows our users to access their route history data on-demand which can be used to calculate fuel usage, plan for shorter future paths and view the logged events. Business managers can view a vehicle’s route history in detail to create and export reports that are essential in lowering costs and optimising resource distribution. Individual users can check their route data to improve their frequently used routes and reach their destination faster. Route history data is also an excellent tool to check on young family members and their driving habits as all important events are logged and stored on our servers.

Event Alerts

Vehicle tracking devices can be configured to issue an alert for important events such as speeding, anti-tamper alert and service alerts. You can set up alerts by using our cloud tracking software – GPSLive – and receive these alerts in the form of SMS, email or a smartphone notification. The monitoring capabilities of a vehicle tracking device may vary depending on its model but vehicle tracking devices can be improved with additional accessories to provide extra security for your vehicles. You will be able to create geofence breach, ignition, speeding, idling, movement, tampering and many more alerts by utilising our cutting-edge tracking software from any mobile device or a computer.

What are the main uses for vehicle tracking devices?

1- Track vehicle fleets to improve overall efficiency and productivity

2- Track high-value equipment and ensure their security

3- Track your teenage children who just got their driving licence

4- Track mobile sales teams and distribution personnel for increased efficiency

5- Track the movements of your family members to ensure their safety

Driver Identification

Driver identification technology has numerous advantages for businesses and individuals. The latest addition to our vehicle tracking devices – Insurance Trackers – benefit from this cutting-edge technology to prevent theft and alert the owners as well as our monitoring centre about an emergency by triggering an alert if a vehicle’s engine is started without the proper driver recognition tags. The same security benefit applies to businesses as well but additionally, fleet managers can determine the drivers behind the wheel without manually checking with the help driver fobs assigned to their employees. This will prevent any unauthorised vehicle use and help managers to optimise the usage of work hours for their workforce.


Among the many issues associated with driving a vehicle, idling is one of the most serious issues for both individuals and employees. Keeping the engine of a vehicle for extended periods of time can damage crucial engine parts and causes chemicals to build up inside the engine. In addition to repair costs, fuel waste is substantial even though the vehicle is immobile. It is estimated by experts that a commercial lorry spends an average of extra 1-gallon fuel for every hour the vehicle is idle. Idling can be prevented by creating automated alerts and analyzing driver reports. GPSLive is a great tool for eliminating idling for fleet businesses as well as individuals.


As one of the most powerful tools against theft, immobilisation offers the vehicle owners a chance to recover their vehicle quickly and safely. Our Insurance Tracker range is equipped with remote and auto immobilisation features that allow field managers and vehicle owners to ensure their vehicle’s safety regardless of their location. Auto immobilisation prevents a vehicle’s engine from being started without the assigned driver recognition tags while remote immobilisation feature prevents a vehicle’s engine from being restarted without the authorisation of the vehicle’s owner. With the help of the police, a stolen vehicle or a theft attempt can be stopped in its trackers and your vehicle will be safely returned.

GNSS Technology

For a vehicle tracking device to provide the location of an object, the device has to pick up signals from at least 4 GPS satellites in orbit to calculate its position. However, due to the terrain and obstacles around the tracked vehicle, GPS satellite system may not be sufficient by itself; that is why we have a variety of vehicle tracking devices that are equipped with a GNSS module. GNSS chips allow vehicle GPS trackers to pick up signals from other satellite systems such as GLONASS and Galileo which increases the accuracy of the location they provide. Instead of 24 satellites of GPS, your vehicle tracking will be able to connect more than 80 satellites in orbit to calculate the position of your vehicle within 1 metre.

What is the accuracy of Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices?

Our tracking device provides the real-time location of your vehicles with a margin error of 1-metre accuracy. You will be able to check where your vehicles are exactly at all times and in times of emergency, this accuracy is crucial in providing location updates for medical aid or law enforcement agencies.

How does vehicle tracking systems improve our driving experience?

By analyzing the route history of your vehicles, you will be able to determine unwanted and risky driving habits of your family members and employees such as speeding, idling and harsh acceleration. Also, route history data is a great tool for planning future routes that you use regularly to work, school or other places you frequently visit.

What are the costs associated with a vehicle tracking device?

Aside from the cost of the tracking device, you can augment your tracker with additional accessories such as magnetic cases, antennae and extension cables. There is also the subscription fee to keep your tracking device active and transmitting date. Lastly, to ensure your tracking device functioning as intended, it has to be fitted properly. Installation fees can be avoided with some technical knowledge as most of our tracking devices are very easy to install and operate.

How do you decide on the right device when buying a vehicle GPS tracker?

We have a wide range of vehicle tracking devices and your choice depends on what you will be using the tracking device for. For individuals who are looking to protect their vehicle against theft, DB2 Self-Install GPS Tracker or SpyTrack Nano can be ideal. For business owners who require more detailed information about their vehicles, DB3 would be a better choice as it can read the ECU data and help determine when your vehicles need servicing.