Thatcham Trackers S5 S7 Security Benefits

What is the Difference Between Thatcham Trackers S5 and S7?

We all have heard about vehicle tracking systems at some point in time. Protecting your car against all risks is one of the most essential responsibilities of a car owner. Indeed, that’s when we need a theft recovery solution like a vehicle tracking device.

A vehicle tracking device ensures that your car is always safe and secure. Using GPS technology and anti-theft technology, you can mitigate the chances of theft and keep your vehicle protected. However, investing in a tracker is not as easy as it sounds, especially with a wide range of options to choose from. Nevertheless, if you plan to buy a tracker, look no further than Thatcham approved Trackers.

What are Thatcham Approved Trackers?

Thatcham approved trackers are governed by Thatcham Research. It is a non-profit organisation that regulates and maintains the highest automotive safety standards for vehicles in the UK. The institution was established in 1969 with funding from the motor insurance industry to introduce car security devices that deliver the highest safety and security in the industry.

Thatcham Research practises a detailed assessment to evaluate different security systems. Once the product clears the evaluation process based on design, functionality, and performance, it receives a Thatcham Security Certification or Thatcham accreditation.

Thatcham has been working for more than 50 years and redefining the cars to make them secure and safer year on year. It engages with car manufacturers and insurance companies to assess any physical or electronic loopholes in security systems, like GPS trackers.

Hence, insurance companies trust Thatcham trackers across the UK and offer legitimate insurance premium discounts if you install a Thatcham approved GPS tracker. It demonstrates you’re willing to take proactive steps for your car’s and other passengers’ safety.

Thatcham Trackers S5 S7 Security Benefits

Thatcham trackers differ from regular GPS trackers as they offer attractive features like Level 1 police response during thefts, 24/7 monitoring of GPS trackers, remote immobilisation options, etc.

Different Categories of Thatcham Trackers

Thatcham Institute classifies tracking systems under different Thatcham categories depending on their vehicle security levels. Each category is distinct in its features, design, and purpose. However, Thatcham-approved S5 and S7 are considered the most popular tracker categories.

Difference Between S5 and S7 Thatcham Trackers

The Thatcham S7 trackers are widely used for theft recovery, providing location details of a stolen vehicle. These trackers use radio frequency locating technology but do not offer vehicle immobilisation features. Additionally, an S7 tracker identifies and flags suspicious activities like unusual or sudden stops, letting the owner know about a theft quicker than ever.

It provides 24/7 monitoring and global coverage. So, you would still be able to track its location if thieves try to move your vehicle to another country. Besides, motion alerts can help you act immediately as they detect the forceful movement of the car without turning on the ignition or proper authorization.

On the other hand, Thatcham S5 trackers have become a norm for vehicle security as they offer a 96% recovery rate. The S5 tracker has all the features of the S7 as well as gives Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR). To leverage this feature, you will be given an identity card that is needed whenever you drive the car.

So, if thieves try to start the car without the card, the tracker will immediately send an alert. The control room will determine if the vehicle is being stolen and coordinate with police authorities to recover it. The S5 trackers also offer two-way communication and tamper alert features.

Both S5 and S7 trackers are fully packed with features, but the only difference is the Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR). However, you need a driver identification device to use the S5 tracker and enjoy the highest security. Additionally, S7 trackers cannot immobilise your car in a different location, but S5 trackers can.

As key theft or key cloning is increasing and becoming one of the primary ways to steal, an Thatcham S5 tracker is a must for vehicle theft prevention.

Which One Should I Choose?

Choosing between S5 and S7 Thatcham trackers depends on your needs and budget. S7 trackers offer basic theft prevention features, which are comparatively cheaper than S5. So, if you want to buy for your fleet business, you can invest in S7 trackers.
Conversely, if you own a luxurious vehicle that can be a prime target for thefts, you would want high-level protection and security. The advanced features of Thatcham S5 trackers can help you mitigate different robbery techniques and safeguard your car.

Wrapping Up

No matter what type of tracker you buy, both S5 and S7 trackers are Thatcham approved. It means you have installed advanced security systems that have highly-regarded features. Moreover, installing any category of Thatcham trackers takes up to just 1 hour. That way, the installation process is simple, and the benefits are impressive, giving you maximum peace of mind and safety.

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