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GPS Trackers: Events

Vehicle tracking devices can be configured to send alerts when important events occur. These event alerts can vary from geofence breach alerts to movement alerts that can act as an early warning system as well as informative notifications regarding the vehicle’s movements. Some of these events can be simply(and even much better) managed on the server side. For example, figuring out geofence zone breaches with the server software program gives more flexibility(e. g. drawing several polygonal areas) and easier to manage, specifically if you have a large number of areas or cars to cover. The same rule applies to fuel alerts, mobile signal jamming, speeding and other similar event alerts. Car tracker event alerts can provide additional security on your fleet vehicles and allow the field managers to inform the law enforcement agencies in the event of an emergency.

GPSLive Event Notifications

The majority of fleet managers ignore alerts about power issues but you can’t be too careful when it comes to the security of company vehicles. In fleet businesses, it’s important to prevent sabotage by employees – and that is why event alerts such as “Device switched OFF” or “SIM card rejected” can help prevent these issues with the help of vehicle GPS trackers.

Device StatusVehicle SecurityDriving Behaviour
Engine On / OffSOSSpeeding
Door openCar alarmHarsh driving
Machinery useTow alertHarsh braking
Fueling, DrainingSignal jammingLong idling
Geofence In / OutAntenna cut offCar battery low
Movement detectionSIM card ejectionCheck engine (MIL)
Backup battery lowDevice On / OffCar crash

The vehicle tracking devices have built-in or external sensors that can detect physical tampering, movement and ignition status. For example, to detect towing the tracking device must be equipped with an accelerometer(movement sensor) to determine the vehicle is moving without the authorisation of the car owner.

Rewire Security’s GPS Tracking Platform is fully equipped to grant access to users with all these functions and modify their settings on-demand.

GPS Trackers: Alerts and Notifications
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GPS Trackers: Alerts and Notifications
Important event alerts and notifications can help business owners and individuals improve the security of their vehicles.
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  1. Hi there ive purchased a rewire 104 pro and it only allows me to use two applications one application let’s me know what battery percentage is left and the other notification let’s me know when the vehicle has moved the other applications in the menu won’t work.Do I need to have the tracker fully fitted to get the other apps in the menu to work.

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