And the better device is the wider list of these events. Some of the events can be simply( and even much better) managed on the server side. For example, figuring out geofence entering Or departing with the server software program gives more flexibility(e. g. drawing several polygonal areas) and easier to manage, specifically if you have numerous areas or cars. The same applies to fueling Or draining, mobile signal jamming, speeding and some other. For additional security for your fleet, all our car tracker will be reporting these events.

GPSLive Events

Nevertheless, the majority of events demand If your GPS Tracker does not record about the power issues, you can’t be sure concerning the car’s security. In business applications, it's actually often vital that you prevent sabotage by workers – and such reports as “Device switched OFF” or “SIM card rejected” help.

Device Status

Vehicle Security

Driving Behaviour

Engine On / Off



Door open

Car alarm

Harsh driving

Machinery use

Tow alert

Harsh braking

Fueling, Draining

Signal jamming

Long idling

Geofence In / Out

Antenna cut off

Car battery low

Movement detection

SIM card ejection

Check engine (MIL)

Backup battery low

Device On / Off

Car crash

The device should have built -in or external sensors to detect physical phenomena associated with the event. For example, to detect towing it must be equipped with an accelerometer ( move& movement sensor ). To determine the external power supply there have to be elements in it sensitive to the current level.

Rewire Security’s GPS Tracking Platform is fully equipped with all these functions.

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