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4 Ways Dash Cam Investment Pays Off

Having all the information about everything worldwide at your fingertips is how we live our lives today. Technological advancements have made our lives simpler by automating tasks and processes. The business world significantly benefits from innovative solutions, improving operations and efficiency.

The automobile industry has always been at the forefront of tech developments. From cutting-edge solutions and sensor-based technology to GPS tracking and security systems, owners can now equip their cars with the latest technology and enjoy driving comfortably.

But one of the latest advancements is the dash camera. A small camera is implanted on the car’s dashboard and records everything happening on the road. Dual-facing dash cameras have an inward lens that captures footage inside the cabin.

Dash cams help improve the overall safety of the vehicle and fleet operations. Providing an unbiased view of vehicle trips, dash cameras have become a quintessential device for fleet businesses. Nevertheless, many fleet companies are sceptical that investing in dash cameras is a good idea. Does a dash camera provide positive ROI? Does a dash cvamera reduce expenses? etc.

Vehicle CCTV Dashcam

Here’s how dash camera investment can pay off!

Undoubtedly, investing in dash cameras is the best decision fleet owners can make. Other systems like telematics offer comprehensive control, but certain escape clauses couldn’t solve some fleet management challenges. For example, how do we monitor drivers’ behaviour inside the vehicle or what exactly happened on the road during an accident? A dash camera can fill these gaps and enhance vehicle fleet performance.

Reduce Accidents

Human distraction is the reason for 80% of the accidents. The bigger problem is rough post-accident investigations wherein everybody tries to determine the cause of accidents. Dash cameras can solve this challenge quickly with their video footage. Dual-facing dash cameras can tell you inside the cabin and on-the-road activities during an accident, helping to understand the cause of it.

Cutting-edge dash cameras are equipped with AI sensors that detect if the driver is tired, distracted, or sleepy and alert both the driver and fleet manager. They also monitor driving behaviour that notifies fleet admins of excessive speeding, cornering, etc., supported with video footage.

Thanks to the live streaming feature of the dash camera, car owners can remotely view such actions in real-time. This way, dash cameras reduce the chances of accidents and related expenses, fostering safety and savings in maintenance expenses.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance companies can take substantial time to pay claims without evidence during accidents and collisions. Determining who did what is time-consuming and sometimes can lead to manipulative decisions. Also, long-haul truck drivers are held responsible in most accidents, even if they’re not at fault.

Dash cameras can eliminate all the guesswork and provide insurance agencies with proof through the video footage. Plus, dashcam provides actual footage before and post the accident so that insurance agencies can cross-check only the crucial aspects without the need to fast-forward or rewind the footage. This helps fleet companies to claim insurance payout faster and with minimal hassle. They can protect their drivers and get paid for the damages.

Prevent Fraud and Theft

Criminals who cannot steal a vehicle can resort to other ways to earn money. And if they see a high-value vehicle, they’ll try to do anything to get their hands on it. These criminals tend to intentionally come in front of the car, fake an accident and injuries, and extort money from drivers for damages. In these circumstances, proving that your driver is innocent is tricky.

Thanks to dash cameras, fleet managers and drivers can be assured that they can prove their innocence easily. The video footage shows what happened and helps you to put such criminals behind bars. You can save money and time–both vital for a fleet business.

Vehicle Usage and Employee Behaviour

How drivers use the vehicle and/or what they do during trips can ensure they obey all traffic and other regulatory guidelines. Telematics provides insights about excessive idling, extra kilometres, unauthorised stops, etc. But how would a fleet manager know why the vehicle often stops?

With dash camera footage, they can learn that the reason for frequent unnecessary stops is because the drivers take extra passengers and try to earn some extra money. The inside the cabin footage is critical to monitoring drivers’ habits and attitudes toward company policies. Likewise, fleet admins can take extra steps to help drivers align with company culture and fix improper attitudes.

Dashcam For Fleet

Worth the Investment

If you can reduce accidents, save money, and enhance brand reputation, dash cameras are worth the investment. Overall, dash cams are easy to set up and affordable, saving thousands of dollars and valuable time in several circumstances. More visibility and control of operations with the ability to make data-driven decision-making gives you a competitive edge, increasing the bottom line. Anything that helps to increase the bottom line is always a good investment!

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