Advantages Installing GPS Tracker

Advantages of Installing a GPS Tracker in Your Car

The use of technology is inevitable in our lives. Technology plays a crucial role in shaping how we live and connect, from our smartphones to autonomous cars. Technological gadgets and tools are essential in many people’s daily lives, especially in business. Whether monitoring trucks or loved ones, conducting fleet management, or other use cases, these systems provide critical data that proves to be quite helpful.

And one of the tools in automotive safety is GPS trackers. These little devices are systems that use satellite signals to determine the accurate location of an object or person. While many assume that GPS tracker technology helps with only navigation, it is now used by enterprises to ensure smooth delivery and improve customer experience.

The number of private vehicles across the world is increasing consistently. As cars can stay longer on the road, notching up more miles each year, we can see more and more vehicles on the road. Conversely, the number of car thefts is also increasing, with around 205 vehicles getting robbed every day–one vehicle stolen every 7 minutes.

Vehicle security systems like car alarms are insufficient in today’s fast-paced world, as thieves can disable the alarm in 20-40 seconds. A GPS tracker can ensure the utmost protection of your car and give you the required peace of mind.

Here are the top six advantages of installing a GPS tracker in your car!

Real-time Vehicle Location

GPS trackers can help you monitor the movements of your car in real-time. So, if your loved ones or teenage kids are driving your car, you can track their whereabouts with the real-time tracking feature of a GPS tracker. Moreover, as trackers operate 24/7, they give you location details at any time of the day as well as provide the location history of where they have been.

Real-time Vehicle Location

Additionally, remote monitoring can allow you to view the location details from your smartphone or web portal, anywhere, anytime.

Theft Prevention

Anti-theft GPS trackers can help you prevent theft and ensure car safety. For example, if thieves try to break into the car, the tracker will notify the car’s owner immediately and alleviate theft. They can report to the nearby police authorities and put criminals behind bars. However, if thieves are successful at stealing your vehicle, you can ensure faster recovery using the real-time tracking feature of the GPS tracker.

Many anti-theft devices now offer the vehicle immobilisation feature wherein the car will not start even if thieves connect the wires and try to steal the car. The car control system identifies the wrong code or the absence of a key and notifies the car owner. Studies show that vehicle immobilisation has reduced the number of car thefts by 40%.

Geofence Alerts

Geofence alerts are the most critical feature of a GPS tracker. It lets you set a digital fence around a specific area on the map–for example, the parking lot. So, the tracker notifies the car owner whenever the vehicle enters or leaves the geofenced area (the parking lot). This way, geofencing can help you know who uses your car in your absence and ensure it is a family member using it, not a thief.

Monitor Driving Behaviour

GPS trackers can help you monitor the driving behaviour of your family and loved ones. It allows parents to keep an eye on their teenagers without interference in their personal space. The GPS tracker in your car monitors driving behaviour and alerts on over speeding, harsh braking, sharp turns, etc., in real-time. It will also notify parents when anything unusual occurs, such as unwanted stops or route changes.

Parents can improve their driving habits by providing extra training and ensuring safe driving practices. Moreover, driving responsibly reduces fuel consumption and improves vehicle efficiency.

Historical Data and Reports

GPS trackers store location historical data and provide in-depth reports about your car usage. The reports highlight vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, driving behaviour, engine health, etc. It helps car owners to plan timely vehicle services with maintenance scheduling, improving vehicle efficiency. Such reports can also help the car owner understand more about its car usage and its mileage patterns.

Reduced Insurance Premiums

As vehicle and driver safety is gaining paramount significance, insurance companies also want to foster theft prevention and overall family safety. Hence, many insurance providers offer insurance discounts to car owners who use GPS trackers. So, GPS trackers not only help protect vehicles but also reduce insurance costs.

Further, most insurance companies will ensure your vehicle for theft only if you have a Thatcham-approved GPS tracking system.

Thatcham Approved GPS Tracking System

Thatcham is the leading organisation for testing and approving vehicle security systems. As the organisation lays down high-quality safety standards and criteria, Thatcham-approved GPS trackers are the best in the industry.

If it is a confirmed theft, Thatcham-approved GPS tracking systems facilitate a level 1 police response controlled by a 24/7 monitoring centre. The monitoring centre closely monitors your car tracker 24/7 and will notify the car owner if the car is a prime victim of theft. During the theft, the GPS tracker will inform the police authorities about the robbery, and the police team can directly reach the theft site or track the car’s movements, ensuring stolen vehicle recovery as soon as possible.


Advantages of a GPS tracker is plenty and it is recommended for car owners to install a GPS tracker for utmost safety. GPS tracking devices also communicate between multiple people to keep the car safe and look at car performance indicators. GPS technology has become more advanced, compact, and affordable, making it easy for car owners to enjoy the benefits of GPS tracking at a meagre cost.

Eventually, car owners must ensure that their cars are always safe and protected. As the number of crimes and car thefts increases like never before, you cannot ignore vehicle security. Cutting-edge technology solutions like GPS trackers can help you deal with bad actors, avoid uncertainties, and ensure effortless management of car security.

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