Ensure Safety of Family Members with Telematics

Whether you’re using a car for personal use or managing a fleet of vehicles, it is essential to always ensure safety. Driver safety is a growing concern as road fatalities are increasing year on year. If we talk about truck driving, it is regarded as the 7th most dangerous job in the UK.

In the last five years, the number of truck drivers’ deaths has increased by 6.6%. On the other hand, increasing the number of vehicles on the road also causes road accidents. Every day, five people die due to road fatalities in the UK, rising by 10% since 2021.

Around 1700 road deaths were reported in 2022 in the UK, with 28,000 severe inquiries. So, driving safely on the road has become paramount. Nevertheless, technology has helped car manufacturers deploy advanced solutions to protect drivers or family members during accidents.

For example, the car prompts alerts when drivers do not wear a seatbelt. Whether we accept it or not, seatbelts have proven to save lives. Despite such advancements, you need control over how one drives your car. Some people drive
recklessly and do not obey traffic rules. Such drivers are a threat to other passengers on the road.

Thanks to telematics systems, you can now monitor your car remotely. Vehicle telematics is a robust device that automatically collects data on vehicles and drivers based on specific parameters such as speed, hard braking, cornering, idling, etc., and sends it to fleet managers or you.

How Telematics Improves Individual or Driver Safety?

Telematics monitors driving behaviour and notifies concerned authorities in real time. So, if your teenage kid is driving your car, you’d want to know their driving habits. That’s when telematics comes into the picture.

Safety of Family Members

Let’s learn more about the role of telematics in individual safety.

Determine Unsafe Driving Behaviour

One of the ways to keep your car safe is to ensure that you or your family members are driving correctly. Poor driving habits can not only damage the vehicle but also risk lives. Did you know negligence and over speeding are the leading
causes of road accidents? Telematics can help you identify high-risk driving habits and curb them.

Telematics monitors reckless habits like over speeding, hard braking, cornering, etc., and sends alerts through a mobile app. You can address this issue, talk to the driver, and explain to them the adverse effects of such habits. GPS tracking
can help address such actions before a crash or accident takes place.

Fleet managers can engage drivers in extra coaching sessions wherein they can guide them about dangerous habits through real-life examples. Nowadays, video telematics is gaining massive importance as it records what’s happening inside the truck and on the road with the help of a dual-facing camera.

For example, you can check the video footage to monitor the in-vehicle behaviour of drivers during an accident. If the driver was drinking and driving, you know your driver is at fault and have factual data to support the knowledge. The video footage can also accelerate the claim investigation and process, saving legal expenses.

Run Well-maintained Vehicles

Your car can be the culprit for an accident or collision, not your wife. If you do not put your car under regular maintenance and service, the car will cause problems. And sometimes, these problems can risk the lives of your loved ones. Telematics is a valuable device to help you put the vehicle under regular repairs.

You can schedule preventive maintenance of your car as telematics automatically updates the odometer readings and provides other data, such as engine health and fuel consumption. Telematics notifies you when the next maintenance is due, helping you plan your day accordingly.

Practising proactive maintenance helps mitigate breakdowns and reduces the chances of accidents. You can rest assured that the car functions properly and will not be the reason for any mishap, keeping your family members safe.

Set Optimised Routes

Sometimes, travelling in remote areas is risky, with chances of getting lost. GPS navigation can help you reach the destination but doesn’t provide much information about the vicinity. For example, you wouldn’t want your family to choose routes near mining areas as it can be risky.

Telematics notifies drivers or fleet managers about such risky places and helps navigate you to alternative routes. But if roads are unavoidable, geofence alerts can help you keep track of your family members and ensure they have safely crossed such paths and are on the right track.

In telematics, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) predict road risks and help drivers alleviate mishaps, promoting safe driving. For example, it can predict bad weather conditions and notify you of sudden changes that might affect your driving. With optimised routes, you are keeping your family members safe.

Safety is Paramount

Telematics can help you keep your car and the people driving it safe. You can monitor driving behaviour and vehicle performance, reducing accidents and insurance premiums. Fleet managers can use telematics data to strategize driver safety training programs and enhance drivers’ overall performance. The higher the safety, the more your peace of mind.

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