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Security Officer Wearing a Body Worn Camera

Body-worn CCTV Camera Systems for Officers

The growing number of face to face conflicts between security guards, police officers, and the public came to a point where a definitive solution is necessary. With the camera technology advancing to a point that tiny devices can capture extremely high-quality video and audio on cue, the solution came in the form of body-worn CCTV cameras. These small devices are so effective, government agents, police departments, nightclubs, and venues have already equipped their officers and security guards with body worn cameras. In fact, more than 22.000 police officers in London are equipped with body worn CCTV cameras.

Security Officer Wearing a Body Worn Camera

Cambridge study, one of the largest trials in history, led by Dr. Barak Ariel revealed that complaints by the public against police officers reduced by 93% in the 12 months after they started using body worn cameras, compared with the year before. The study monitored over 2000 police officers across four UK cities and two US police departments. The number of complaints made against officers during the trial period was 113 compared to 1539 in the 12 months before. The results indicated that both individuals and the police officers adjusted their behaviour when the officers are equipped with a body-worn video camera.

Body worn video cameras have always been a piece of standard equipment for James Bond, but the first time they were introduced in the UK was ten years ago. Now, they are gradually becoming a standard piece of police equipment all over the world. Body-worn video cameras provide indisputable evidence in the form of video footage and it’s proven that these lightweight cameras are helping police departments in reducing complaints and false accusations, as well as resolving face to face confrontations. Even the sight of a CCTV camera is proven to have a calming effect on individuals. When people know they are being recorded, they tend to change their attitude towards the person wearing the camera.

Suffice it to say, with alcohol and other instigating factors in the mix, people still tend to act aggressively towards security officers from time to time and having video footage of the incident in high-quality helps venues and establishments settle issues quickly, without further escalation.

Body Worn Camera Recorder

These portable CCTV cameras are prone to harsh conditions in the hands of officers and there are many questions regarding the durability, ease of use and utilization of body-worn cameras. The BWCs in the RX range from Rewire Security are built to handle the rigours of everyday struggles with a compact and rugged design. They are robust, waterproof and able to withstand drops onto hard surfaces. It takes one button to start recording, with some devices having a pre-record feature to capture the event 30 seconds before you press the record button, thus allowing you to focus on the incident at hand. Bodycams can be used with external docks and clips that can be attached to your body allowing you to adjust the angle and position of the camera. The advanced features of body-worn camera technology also include up to 1080p HD video and audio recording.

The body worn video technology is definitely up to the task and offers extremely high-quality video and audio recording capabilities even in the harshest environments. Click here to take a look at body worn cameras in the RX range.

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