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Benefits of GPS Tracking for Construction Businesses

Integrating fleet tracking systems into management and operation of construction business assets.

Over the last few years, GPS-based fleet management and asset tracking systems have been integrated into the core of business operations. GPS tracking systems improve the overall security of a fleet and operational capacity. The construction industry, in particular, uses a massive amount of stationary equipment and vehicles, many of which are very valuable. Because of this, GPS tracking technology is a perfect fit for the construction industry: It ensures the safety of the vehicles and machines used by construction companies both onsite and on the roads. In addition, a tracking system is a great way to eliminate late arrivals at construction sites and reduce customer complaints.

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GPS asset tracking systems can be particularly beneficial to construction businesses for the following reasons:

Improved Safety

Drivers, vehicles, and equipment are at constant risk every time they are en route for delivery or left at job sites. Seasoned criminals often target construction equipment due to its high value. With a vehicle tracking system in place, you can view the location of your assets and vehicles in real time. In the unfortunate situation you might have a valuable piece of equipment or a vehicle stolen, as asset GPS tracker device can help facilitate a quick recovery. For construction businesses, this feature is a great way to provide a secure work environment and additional protection for vehicles and drivers.

Monitoring Driver Behaviour

Every time a construction business’s drivers get behind the wheel to deliver equipment or goods, that company’s reputation is at risk. Dangerous and undesirable driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking, idling and unauthorized use of company vehicles can cause significant liability issues to your business. Vehicle tracking systems have been proven to improve driver safety because of the accountability that comes with them. Drivers will behave accordingly knowing they are being monitored every step of the way. With vehicle-tracking systems supervisors and managers can identify and warn drivers if necessary, encouraging better driving habits as a result. Also, with a vehicle-tracking device in place, companies can stop unauthorized vehicle use. Supervisors can view the route history at any given time to see if the driver took any personal trips, and eliminate such behaviour.

Construction Vehicle Fleet

Fuel Consumption Monitoring

Just like any other business with a fleet of vehicles, for construction businesses, every penny counts. While fuel may not be as big an expense in construction as it is for other industries with larger fleets, it is still a substantial cost. That cost needs to be constantly monitored and reduced where possible in order to save money and increase profits. There are various reasons for excess fuel consumption and the fuel usage reports made possible with vehicle-monitoring systems can help you identify every single one of them. Undesirable driving behaviour such as speeding and idling, taking inefficient routes to construction sites, and malfunctioning vehicles are only a few of them. Real-time tracking can help drivers find the shortest and most effective routes to the work sites while helping to avoid crowded traffic spots. Properly maintained vehicles also use a lot less fuel while preventing any downtime. GPS tracking systems can significantly lower the amount of fuel being used.

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Geofence Zones

Geofence zones are a great way to ensure the safety of heavy machinery left behind on construction sites. Using magnetic cases, GPS tracking devices can be attached to any metal surface, making them ideal for tracking valuable assets. Even the strongest security measures can fail to stop an experienced criminal but with a geofence zone in place, you will be notified immediately when a piece of equipment leaves a designated zone without your authorization. When a company has multiple job sites all around the city, geofence zones can be the best way to make sure that valuable equipment stays safe at all times.

Providing security for assets and vehicles spread out over multiple work sites and company parking lots has always been a challenge for construction companies. At least, that was the case until the introduction of GPS tracking systems into the market. With a sophisticated vehicle and asset tracking solution in place, a company’s expensive equipment and vehicles will be safer than ever. For seamless operations and lower overall operational costs, along with providing additional security for valuable equipment and vehicles, a company should invest in a GPS tracking system.

Fleet Tracking Systems for Machinery and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
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Fleet Tracking Systems for Machinery and Heavy-Duty Vehicles
Integrating fleet tracking systems into management and operation of construction business assets.
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