Employee Working in a Remote Location

Most Important Tools and Gadgets for Field Workers

Essential tools and gadgets such as GPS tracking devices and electronics for field employees working in remote distance areas.

It’s not an easy job to work in remote areas away from technology and the benefits of being amongst fellow workers. It’s hard to survive in the remote fields without a backpack full of essential tools and gadgets. Some of these tools are just for making your job easier, yet, you might not even use some of them more than once in a lifetime, but remember, that one time may be the difference between life and death.

Employee Working in a Remote Location

Field personnel such as technicians, delivery man and service agents who work outside the confined spaces of an office are prone to risks and natural conditions due to their working habitat. However, the newest technology and gadgets can provide tailor-made solutions to increase their safety. Even experienced technicians can find themselves in a tough spot and without the right set of equipment, they can be lost, stranded they may even face life-threatening situations. Whether you work for a construction or utility company, there are various types of equipment to make the lives of field workers easier and more efficient while they are working outdoors.

If you are planning to get into a job working in remote areas and if your strategy for packing a bag consists of; dumping everything on the floor and cramming everything into random bags just an hour before, it’s really time for you to consider revamping your backpack management system. The first step is to group your stuff into categories in accordance with if you’ll carry it on yourself or inside a backpack and the second step is to make a list of what’s necessary and what’s not. Field workers need a long list of tools to overcome the challenges of the hostile working environments they face on a daily basis. Let’s have a look at some of the most important tools and gadgets:


The first thing to get is a no-brainer: a Swiss Army Knife. This little knife-scissors-screwdriver has been used by millions and saved thousands of lives. It’s without a doubt the most used tool and comes in very handy in a whole lot of scenarios. Basic first-aid kit, solar charger, sunglasses, flashlight, insect repellent spray, and rope are also on the list of primary tools. These are the primary tools that will make your life easier and your work routine a whole lot comfortable.

Employee Using a Tablet in a Remote Location


While working in the field; technicians and workers require a certain amount of knowledge and information in order to do their job. With the ever-increasing access to the internet, tablets prove to be an excellent source of information for employees working outdoors. Tablets can supply all the necessary information required for repairs, maintenance and reduce the downtime between work orders. With the advancements made to the tablet technology every day, they become more rugged and sophisticated, ready to help the field workers. Tablets are one of the necessary components for every field worker nowadays thanks to the increasingly mobile connectivity.

SpyTrack Nano in Hand

Personal Tracking Device

If you have employees that deal with high-risk situations which can potentially put them in harm’s way, personal tracking devices can be a lifesaver. Having individual workers working in dangerous and isolated areas can pose a threat to their safety. But with a personal GPS tracker on them, you can monitor the movements of your staff at all times. With effective tools such as real-time tracking, panic button, and geofence zones, you can provide additional security and protection which lone workers certainly need when they are in the field. Personal tracking devices have become a crucial tool for employers to maximise efficiency and safety for businesses as well. The ability to locate a member of staff in a matter of minutes can help you identify the nearest employee to respond to an awaiting customer. With a portable tracker on your mobile workforce, you can run a seamless operation without having to worry about their safety.

Security Guard Wearing a Body-Worn Camera

Body Worn Camera

Employees who engage with the public will run into problems from time to time. Body worn cameras can prevent these altercations from happening or escalating them into a worse situation. It has been proven by multiple studies that the presence of a recording device alters human behaviour. A bodycam can lower the risk of potentially volatile situations and reduce complaints against staff and act as a visual deterrent to dangerous people seeking to cause harm. Body worn cameras can also help reduce the number of confrontational situations your field workers encounter and improve the safety of them significantly. Safer working conditions promote confidence and increase productivity. Even with all the deterrence bodycams provide, your field workers will eventually run into an unwanted situation where they will have to defend themselves. The high-quality audio and video provided by the bodycams will offer indisputable evidence and help resolve the matter quickly. The combined benefits of body-worn camera technology create a safe environment for field workers.

Toolkit of an Employee


No field worker can do their job properly without the support of a basic toolkit. To complete a task at hand successfully, technicians and workers need certain tools such as wire cutters, screwdrivers, and wrenches. Before leaving for a job site, you need to make sure you have all the necessary tools required for the assignment as well as the equipment that might help you if you ever find yourself in a tough spot. Appropriate tools can make your life easier and safer in harsh working environments.

Working alone in an unfamiliar environment has its risks but with the right equipment, you can lower or eliminate those risks. Being prepared and having the proper tools with you can come in handy while you perform your daily tasks. Employers can rest assured knowing that their employees are safe and efficient on the job when they provide them with the necessary tools and gadgets.

Essential Tools Devices and Gadgets for field and Lone workers
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Essential Tools Devices and Gadgets for field and Lone workers
Essential tools and gadgets such as GPS tracking devices and electronics for field employees working in remote distance areas.
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