Cheating Spouses Holding Hands

How to Track Your Cheating Spouse with GPS

Infidelity in a marriage is, unfortunately, a common issue. A guide on how to GPS track your spouse and the laws around the topic.

How to Track Your Cheating Spouse with GPS

Unfortunately, infidelity in marriages is a common issue. Anyone can be a victim—even diplomats, athletes, and celebrities. After all, if the most beautiful and wealthy people can’t keep their better half faithful, what chance do we have? Longer marriages seemingly have deteriorating effects on either side, thus creating a fallout. The wife starts to feel underappreciated, while the husband feels emasculated or not needed around the house anymore. Sometimes, individuals in such relationships start to find comfort in someone else. This is where it starts to go downhill. It is the messy truth of many long partnerships that there are temptations and disappointments, which all leads to an affair with devastating consequences.

Cheating Spouses Holding Hands

So what are the signs of a cheating spouse?

Cues of infidelity are different for every relationship, but there are obvious and visible hints that are true for all couples. One of the main reasons for straying is insecurity as it usually leads to a partner suddenly feeling inadequate about their physical appearance. Being together with someone for several years gives you an insight into their habits, so if a person suddenly “feels like going to the gym,” you have a right to be suspicious. Simply put, if a woman or man suddenly starts to make an effort to look attractive, it is a major red flag worth monitoring. Another common cheating sign is when a partner hops into the shower as soon as he or she gets home. All families have little rituals for these occasions, such as greeting each other, having a little chat, or changing when they get home. However, if that changes and a partner heads straight to the bathroom when they arrive, it may be to inspect themselves for anything out of the ordinary or for any trace of infidelity.

If you ever get the feeling that you’re being cheated on, the ideal thing would be to confront your partner. But not many people will be honest when they are cheating and people have been using GPS trackers to track their spouses and some have even tried tracking their wives with a drone just to make sure. If you’re in the search of a tracking device, Spytrack Nano is the device you have been looking for. Using nothing but your smartphone, you can gather all the evidence you need to prove that your partner is cheating or you will figure out if they are just going through a rough phase in their life.

UK Laws on GPS Tracking

Is it legal to track your spouse with a GPS device?

There are many discussions and questions surrounding the legitimacy of GPS tracking a spouse. Different judges across the world have made contradictory rulings regarding the issue: tracking a spouse suspected of cheating with a spying tool. In a particular case in New Jersey, a panel of judges ruled that it is permissible for a wife or husband to track their counterpart, who they suspect to be a cheater, with the help of GPS. However, states like California and Texas ban the use of GPS trackers without consent and consider it to be a violation of privacy. In Europe, according to the Human Rights Act 1998, it is against the law to track a spouse’s car without their permission.

While it is a controversial topic, there are certain laws that apply to spying on a spouse with a GPS tracking device. The general consensus is that if you want to put a tracker on someone’s car, even if that person is your spouse, you need the owner’s consent. It is a criminal offence to place a tracking device on a vehicle that you do not own. But the law is unclear on if a vehicle is owned by both partners. If the vehicle is jointly owned by both parties, one party may legally install a GPS tracker to secretly track the other. A number of courts already ruled on the topic and allowed the evidence gathered from the co-owned vehicle to be admissible.

Check out this blog covering the laws on GPS tracking in the UK.

Tracking the Movements of a Cheating Spouse

How do I track my cheating spouse?

If you are well aware of what you are doing is within the boundaries of the Laws, there are mainly two types of GPS tracking devices that can be used to track your spouse: Vehicle trackers and Personal trackers. Each device comes with its unique properties and advantages that can be used to gather information on the cheating spouse. With a vehicle tracking device and a magnetic case, your options are almost limitless as to where you can hide it. A carefully hidden vehicle tracker will continuously report the location of your partner’s car. Personal trackers work just as well and they can be placed in a handbag or a suitcase without being detected.

Spytrack, a sophisticated GPS tracking software, can help you locate people on a digital map device with the push of a few buttons. From a mobile device or a computer, you can access GPSLive through the smartphone APP or the website to track the exact location of your partner. GPS trackers with the help of tracking software allow real-time tracking which can come in handy if you ever decide to confirm your suspicions by confronting your spouse. You will have irrefutable proof that they were not where they said they would be. Next time they say “I will be at the office all night working late,” you will have the unique opportunity to respond with “I didn’t know your office was at Motel Y.”

Spytrack app comes free of charge and features a list of useful functions including geofence zones which allows the user to set up virtual boundaries around specific locations. This feature can be used to create a virtual barrier around the place your spouse is supposed to be. You can then receive automated alerts whenever your partner enters or leaves those boundaries or if he or she enters it at all. For example, you can set-up a geofence around the house or the motel where you suspect your husband or wife is having the affair and wait for the Spytrack to alert you when he or she enters into that area.

GPS Tracking a Cheating Spouse with a tracker using your Smartphone
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GPS Tracking a Cheating Spouse with a tracker using your Smartphone
Infidelity in a marriage is, unfortunately, a common issue. A guide on how to GPS track your spouse and the laws around the topic.
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