Body-worn cameras are proven to have a calming effect on individuals in a standoff and they are an ideal portable CCTV solution for security guards, bodyguards, and frontline workers. The BWCs in the RX range offer HD 1080p / 720p video quality, built-in 32gb memory, 8 to 10 hours battery life and a large field of view. We offer several docks, clips, and mounts for making it easier to carry the camera as well as docks for data synchronization and charging multiple cameras at once.
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RX-2s v2 Body Worn Camera
RX-2s v2 Body Worn CCTV Camera RX-2s v2 offers some of the latest a..
RX-3 Lite Body Worn CCTV Camera
RX-3 LITE BODY WORN CCTV CAMERA The latest in the RX series, RX-3 L..
RX-3 Pro v2 Body Worn Camera
RX-3 PRO V2 BODY WORN CCTV CAMERA The latest generation in the RX r..
Rx-3 Lite Docking Station Type-B
Multi-way docking stations are smart and portable devices, ideal for managing multiple cameras at on..
RX-3 Lite Charging & Evidence Management Dock
Multi-way stations are smart and portable devices, ideal for managing multiple cameras at once. Usin..
RX-3 Pro 8x Charging & Evidence Management Dock
RX-3 Pro 8 Way Data Charing Station with Evidence Management SYNC Software 2 TBSimple to use All-In-..
Rx-3 Pro Docking Station Type-B
RX-3 PRO Data Transfer / Charging Dock Type-B Charging and data transfer dock for use with the Rewir..
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Keep an eye on your vehicles, fleet, family members, children, elderly, employees or anyone you need to locate with the use of GPS Tracking Devices and Personal Locators from Rewire Security. Rewire Security offers impeccable locating and tracking solutions for individuals: GPSLive and businesses: GPSLive Fleet. GPSLive Cloud Based GPS Tracking Software can be accessed using a PC, MAC, Tablet or Smartphone in real-time and allows users to view the location of their assets. GPSLive software provides users with advanced mapping features such as; geo-fence zones, route history, event alarms, instant notifications and usage reports.