Wearable body-worn cameras are the perfect fit for covert recording on the go without using your hands. Chose from our easy to use body worn CCTV cameras. RX range body-worn cameras offers 1080p recording, 32gb built-in memory and 10 hours record time. Body worn cameras reduce incidents by up to 50%. Bodyworn cameras are great for; security personnel, bodyguards, and for stuntman who want to record their stunts.
RX-1 Body Worn Camera
RX-1 Body Worn CCTV Camera From Rewire SecurityIf you want a body worn camera that is more discreet ..
RX-2s Body Worn Camera
REWIRE SECURITY RX2s BODY WORN CCTV SECURITY CAMERAThe RX2s is the latest body camera in the RX2 ran..
RX-3 Pro Body Worn Camera
£235.00 £199.00
RX-3 Pro Body-Worn CameraIntroducing the RX-3pro the latest model in the RX body worn camera range. ..
RX-5 Body Worn Camera
The RX-5 Full HD Body Worn CameraOffering some of the latest advancements in body worn camera techno..
RX-3 Pro 8x Charging Station & Evidence SYNC Management
RX-3 Pro 8 Way Data Charing Station with Evidence Management SYNC Software 2 TBSimple to use All-In-..
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All of our security tech gadgets and products are high quality, reliable, easy-to-use and guaranteed to stand the test of time. We provide e-mail and phone support to our customers to get them started with using our GPS Trackers, CCTV Cameras, Body Worn Cameras, Vehicle CCTV or Alarm systems without any technical issues. Our security products will help you save time and money. All of our products can be used without technical knowledge by individuals and businesses. Rewire Security's CCTV Cameras and Body-worn cameras come with detailed user manuals and during the initial set-up process, our tech team will provide any support necessary. GPSLive vehicle tracking software enables you locate your vehicle real-time, and doesn't require any software install. GPSLive can be accessed online anywhere in the world and will display the location results in an easy-to-understand interface. We supply additional accessories, data sim cards, cables and other extras for all products for your convenience in case you want to modify or upgrade your devices.