But there are more driver distractions equally as dangerous. Listed below are5 that may surprise you:

Eating – Based on the National Road Traffic Safety Administration What tops this list of the most dangerous foods and beverages? Sorry coffee fans, but that mug of hot coffee is a huge risk. I think we can all agree that burning hot coffee on your lap could be distracting. So, please avoid drinking( coffee ) and driving a car.

Distracted Driving

Sleepy Driving – Sleepy driving reduces reaction time, which raises accident- risk. Are you aware that sleepy driving happens most often during the first hour of the work shift? It Is vitally important to be awake and alert when driving a car So, makes sure you get enough sleep before getting in the driver's seat.

Daydreaming – According to a current analysis of countrywide crash data, daydreaming was the cause of 62 Percent of car accidents between 2014-2015. Controlling what happens within our minds can be challenging, but it is vital that you remind yourself to pay attention to the road. So, begin considering your weekend break plans when you switch off your car or truck.

In- vehicle Entertainment - One Particular research performed on drivers adjusting their radios, discovered that accident- danger increased after the driver’s eyes left the street for longer than2 seconds. In this instance, please stop the music.

Sightseeing – It’s vital that you view the street and pay attention to your environment, however, you shouldn’t focus on exterior objects.

When that billboard with all the delicious cheeseburger is looking right at you, it can be hard to concentrate. Just be sure you watch the street and please don’t speed to the closest burger joint.

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