External Antenna for GPS Trackers

Accessories for GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices coupled with additional accessories, parts and relays deliver extensive vehicle telematics functionality.

GPS tracking devices are being used more frequently in our daily life nowadays, but if you don’t have additional input and output accessories compatible with tracking devices, you’re missing out. Especially if you are managing a vehicle fleet or running a delivery company with the help of tracking devices. You can control the condition of your vehicles, fuel level and monitor driver behaviour with the help of these additional parts. There are several accessories and additional parts that can be connected to a tracking device to get more out of it. GPS tracker accessories enable you to power the tracker from your car’s battery, monitor fuel level and behaviour of your drivers, improve GPS signal and in the case of an emergency; immobilise the vehicle remotely.

GPS Tracking Device Driver ID

Driver Identification

Fleet managers can track their vehicles in real-time and analyse the tracking data to improve the performance of their fleet. It is essential to know who’s driving the car to be able to analyse their overall driving behaviour. Driver identification RFID offers additional insight into the behaviour and location of your drivers. Upgrading your GPS tracking unit with a driver identification RFID will allow you to know who is behind the wheel at all times. If you have a fleet business with many drivers who switch vehicles every day; this device is very useful to determine driver behaviour, excessive idling, efficiency, verifying the official start and end of shifts and speeding. You can easily utilise this device by assigning a unique key fob to each driver and track them individually. GPSLive cloud tracking platform will provide you with a comprehensive report of each driver’s actions.

Fuel Sensor for GPS Tracking Devices

Fuel Sensor

Fuel costs are increasing all over the world every day and it is important to manage your fuel usage if you’re running a business. Tracking devices have inputs for installing additional parts and accessories such as an ultrasonic fuel sensor inside a vehicle’s fuel tank to allow you to monitor fuel consumption. This sensor transmits the fuel level data to the GPSLive tracking platform. Using GPSLive you can access this data to analyse the fuel consumption of the vehicle. The precision of this process allows fleet businesses to save on fuel on a massive scale. Considering fuel costs account for almost half of a fleet’s expenses, it is very important to manage your fuel consumption closely and make the necessary adjustments.

Remote Immobilisation for GPS Trackers

Remote Immobilisation

GPS tracking devices can not deter a possible thief from stealing your car since they are concealed devices but it can help you retrieve your car easily in many ways. However, in the case of a theft, you need to make sure the thief doesn’t get away with the vehicle and this is where remote immobilisation comes handy. By connecting an engine block relay between the tracking device and the vehicle’s ignition system, you will be able to immobilise the vehicle remotely in case of theft or unauthorised use. With the use of GPSLive cloud tracking software, if your car is tampered with in any way, an alert will be sent your mobile phone and authorities. You can also send a remote signal to slow your vehicle down gradually and immobilise it in the end, additionally, this device will not allow the thieves to restart your engine once it turns off. After you immobilise your car, you can alert the authorities the retrieve your vehicle with the location provided by the GPS tracking device.

External Antenna for GPS Trackers

External Antenna

In order for a tracking device to locate an asset precisely, it has to be linked with at least four GPS satellites. There are various satellite systems with numerous satellites in orbit but sometimes your tracking device might have a hard time picking up a signal. That’s why improving the signal quality is very important for these devices since the more satellites it can detect and pick up signals from, the greater the accuracy it provides. There are various obstacles that can lower your signal quality such as trees, tall buildings. That’s why in certain locations it is necessary to use external antennas. External antennas will allow you to detect more satellites, boost your signal quality and achieve better accuracy even if you are surrounded by skyscrapers or when you are in a remote location thus allowing your GPS device properly.

Hard-wire Kit for GPS Trackers

Hard-wire Kit

Battery powered GPS tracking devices might be inconvenient sometimes especially in places where you don’t have access to a power plug. Hard-wire kits allow you to power your tracking device by simply connecting them to the vehicle’s power supply and allowing them to operate continuously. Hardwire kits are very easy to install on the existing circuitry and you don’t have to worry about permanently altering your vehicle’s wiring. When you hardwire the GPS tracking device to your car, you will have a reliable power source and your tracker can run for months without ever needing a recharge. You can easily remove the hardwire kit if you no longer need the vehicle tracking device without damaging any wiring on your car.

Additional Accessories and Batteries for GPS Tracking Devices
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Additional Accessories and Batteries for GPS Tracking Devices
GPS tracking devices coupled with additional accessories, parts and relays deliver extensive vehicle telematics functionality.
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