Vehicle Fleet of a Utility Company

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking For Utility Companies

GPS vehicle tracking systems are an excellent solution for most of the problems utility companies face on a daily basis.

Utility companies are vital for keeping our infrastructure running smoothly. In fact, when these companies are not working at maximum efficiency, their customers can experience hard times. Sustainability is the key to the success of a utility company. Utility companies spend a good amount of time and money on decreasing fuel costs and customers often complain about late arrivals. This is where vehicle tracking systems come into play. GPS tracking systems help solve these issues and provide many additional features that will reduce costs and improve profitability for utility companies.

Vehicle Fleet of a Utility Company

Fuel consumption is the biggest expense for any business with a vehicle fleet, this includes utility companies as well. GPS vehicle tracking devices allow managers to monitor the location of their vehicles in real time and make adjustments on routes that employees will use to get to a job site. The vehicle location and telematics data provided by the vehicle tracking software also gives you detailed information on driver-related issues, such as routes taken, speeding and idling.

When you know where your vehicles are at all times, you can choose the shortest routes by avoiding traffic, road constructions, and in the process, significantly reduce fuel consumption. Speeding and idling are large factors in excessive fuel usage, idling may even cause damage to the engine. Using tracking devices, managers can find out drivers idling for long periods of time, issue warnings or send alerts to drivers so they drive in the speed limit and avoid excessive idling.

Drivers are the most important assets for businesses with fleet vehicles. It is crucial for any fleet to observe and analyse the driving behaviour of their workers and give them insights on how to improve. Improper driver behaviour can damage a business’ reputation and endanger public safety. Vehicle tracking software stores information and location data sent from a vehicle to display them whenever required. Fleet managers can access all tracking data from anywhere, anytime by simply using a PC or a mobile device to take the necessary actions. Drivers on the field reflect a company’s public image, that’s why it’s essential to monitor and stop any unwanted driver behaviour.

Tracking devices offer a “driver identification” feature that comes in handy for identifying workers with dangerous driving habits. Fleet managers can issue key-fobs to all of their drivers so they can observe all of their drivers behaviour individually. Cloud-based tracking software records data such as; when shifts start and end, daily mileage and routes for any given date. With this data at hand, fleet managers can better address driver-related issues, manage false overtime and mileage claims so they can compensate their employees accordingly.

Delayed customer service damages a utility companies reputation beyond repair because Utility services are in the heart of everything society requires on a daily basis in the modern day. For eliminating delayed response times, it is crucial for a utility company to be able to figure out where their service agents are, what they’re doing, and for how long they have been on a job site. With the help of GPS tracking technology managers can guide employees from one job to the next more effectively in the event of a traffic jam or road accidents, thus, increase customer satisfaction by arriving at job sites ahead of time.

Before GPS tracking systems were invented, maintenance schedules have always been one of the biggest challenges. Fleet Managers used to schedule repairs and maintenance on paper with regular intervals. But for utility companies, this process causes unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs. Analysing the data sent from a tracking device, managers can view mileage for any fleet vehicle in real-time and schedule maintenance separately and only when it’s necessary. As a result,  companies save on repair costs and avoid redundant vehicle downtime.

Company Driver Using Key Fob

Preventing unwanted driver behaviour, rerouting drivers through traffic provides an extra layer of protection to your fleet. In addition, in the event of vehicle theft, a manager can track the vehicle’s location in real-time and immediately alert the authorities to recover it. Vehicle theft is on the rise all over the world, and a tracking device is the best way to recover a stolen vehicle.

GPS vehicle tracking systems are an excellent solution for most of the problems utility companies face on a daily basis. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, the benefits of tracking systems are endless. Investing in a GPS tracking solution will allow you to reach your customers faster, organise the daily work plan of your employees more effectively, provide security for your fleet, and cut back on expenses.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems For Utility Companies
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Benefits of Vehicle Tracking Systems For Utility Companies
GPS vehicle tracking systems are an excellent solution for most of the problems utility companies face on a daily basis.
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