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Security Officers CCTV

The Impact of Body Worn Cameras for Security

The Impact of Wearable Recording Devices in the Security Industry and Law Enforcement

Video capturing technology has experienced groundbreaking innovations over the last decade. While massive cameras, tripods and dollies were once required to take high-quality footage, a tiny camera that can fit in the palm of your hand can now capture 1080p HD footage for hours on a single charge. These developments have made it easier than ever for people to record the things going on around them. One truly revolutionary development in video capturing technology is in wearable video recording devices – also known as body-worn cameras or bodycams – that have changed the face of surveillance and security.

Security Officers CCTV

Bodycams with high-quality recording capabilities have countless uses for both individuals and business operations. They have transformed surveillance operations and promote the safety of employees who work in dangerous or solitary conditions. For professions where physical confrontation is common, they are perfectly suited for capturing events that can lead to complaints or even criminal cases. Security personnel, workers who perform maintenance and repairs in household environments, and police officers who have to face potential criminals every day can perform their duties better knowing they are safer and that their actions can be justified with the footage provided by the recording devices on them. What’s more, capturing real-time footage of a conflict can alter the course of events, and may even prevent them from happening.

And this isn’t just theory – reputable scientists have proven time and time again that body-worn camera technology is extremely effective against aggressive individuals. Dr Barak Ariel, the lead author of a Cambridge study about the effectiveness of body-worn cameras for police forces, has conducted research involving police officers from multiple countries covering over 1.5 million work hours. Their findings showed a 93% reduction in complaints against officers thanks to body-worn cameras and a 90% success rate in resolving conflicts before they can escalate.

Body Worn Camera

Their effectiveness in physical confrontations and efficient evidence management tools are among the main reasons why massive law enforcement agencies like New York Police Department have equipped all their patrol officers with body-worn cameras and continue to bolster their remaining forces with these advanced recording devices. The ability to capture footage on-demand at the push of a button has made gathering evidence in the event of an emergency or face-to-face conflict child’s play. Most of these unfortunate situations lead to legal proceedings in which employees and officers may have to prove that their use of physical force was necessary, and there is no better way to present evidence to a court of law than live footage of the event in HD quality.

It’s not just the officers who can conduct their professions more safely that benefit from this technology – body-worn cameras serve as a public deterrent, and the accountability of actions by all parties involved are captured live. If a complaint is filed against an officer, the irrefutable evidence of the event recorded by body-worn cameras will quickly determine if the use of force was justified or not. This feature alone can save security establishments and police agencies billions annually considering the massive number of lawsuits and settlements that are likely to follow an altercation.

Executives and establishment owners may approach the subject of body-worn camera systems with scepticism, but their effectiveness has been proven by multiple studies led by experts in the security industry. It is an indisputable fact that wearable recording devices can and will lower the number of physical conflicts and complaints against the people wearing them. These small devices are equipped with powerful features and designed with endurance in mind, considering the environment they are going to be used in. Let’s take a look at the features that make them so valuable and effective in the security industry.

Body Cam CCTV 

-HD Recording Capability: Rewire Security body-worn video recorders can capture high definition wide-angle videos with audio at the push of a single button. Our RX range devices offer 720p/1080p video quality and ensure that everything in front of the camera will be recorded in high definition.

-Deterrent Factor: The presence of a body-worn camera visibly changes the behaviour of an assailant in physical conflicts. Altercations with security personnel and lone workers of all types greatly diminish when the assailant knows their actions are being recorded.

-Practical Use and Mounting Options: It’s simple to start recording an event with a body-worn camera – just press a single button. What’s more, some of our devices are equipped with pre-event video recording features; 30 seconds of footage is captured from before you press the record button. Klickfast compatibility and optional accessories make it easy to mount and adjust the position of the camera.

-Durability: Our body-worn video cameras are designed to handle rigorous day-to-day struggles of law enforcement officers and security personnel, with enhanced durability and weatherproof casing. Regardless of environmental factors or physical confrontations, Rewire Security body-worn cameras can withstand the harsh conditions they are exposed to and keep recording the events around them.

-Battery Life: Our body-worn camera range offers between 6 and 11 hours of continuous video recording in HD quality on a single charge. A lot can happen in a work hour let alone an entire shift, so it’s important for a bodycam to be capable of capturing hours of footage without having to recharge in order to be effective on the job.

-Digital Evidence Management Software (DEMS): Rewire Security’s Digital Evidence Management Software is a cutting-edge tool for managing the vast amount of footage captured by your body-worn camera devices. It’s designed to simplify and accelerate editing and exporting videos; commanding officers, team leaders or field managers are able to create a video of an event within minutes, without any technical expertise at all, that can then be presented to the authorities as evidence.

-Secure Footage: DEMS grants total control over the captured footage and allows you to limit access to the videos by restricting the privileges of users. The fully integrated interface increases the efficiency of backup processes with options to enable auto-backup and auto-delete functions.

Digital Evidence Management


Of all the devices designed to improve the working conditions of security personnel, none have been as effective as body-worn camera systems. Police precincts all the world are investing millions of pounds into body-worn video camera systems – the Met Police alone issued 22,000 body-worn cameras for their officers, spending over £15 million on these revolutionary devices. With Require Security, managing multiple body-worn cameras has never been easier. You can protect the recorded videos by limiting access, filter the footage within the device by date, and automate the backup process with the advanced features of DEMS. We provide our customers with user-friendly software to help with daily surveillance operations and streamline the management process with powerful integrated tools.

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