The number of cars stolen is decreasing every year as the vehicle industry focuses on vehicle security a lot more. Vehicles stolen in the United Kingdom dropped by % 12 last year. There were 360.000 reported vehicle thefts. The automobile market has taken significant steps recently to reduce vehicle robberies, using electronic alarm systems and sophisticated security software in vehicles, which makes it harder and harder for criminals to break into. But the older cars continue to be more vulnerable because they are not pre-loaded with the modern security measures included in the latest vehicles such as Tesla, BMW and Mercedes models.

Don't leave valuable belongings in your vehicle's seat.

The reason for car theft is categorised in 2; short-term use or profiting. Statistics contain all vehicles which are retrieved after a theft as short-term use cases. Profit oriented robberies are described as cars stolen to sell and make money. Any vehicles stolen and never retrieved are classified as ‘for profit’ thefts. Short term theft category includes vehicles which are recovered after a thievery. Despite the condition of the vehicle, cars which may have been stolen for profit, but found later stripped also fall into this category.

There are several steps you can take to prevent getting your car stolen. For starters, when you car park If you have the chance park it under a road light, even in the daytime in case your car will be left there more than you are planning. It will be lit up at night and risky for thieves to try to steal. If you park your car, even in your own front yard, close and lock the windows and doors to prevent your vehicle getting stolen. This seems like a basic thing to do, but everyone knows how easy it is to get arrogant about your door locks.

Don’t leave the doors or windows open. Even though it makes the first few moments you enter your car unpleasantly, try to resist the temptation to leave windows open during the summer season. If you have kids or there’s a teen new driver as part of your family, pass this valuable information about car theft avoidance suggestion to them. Teens can be careless most of the time.

Don't leave your smartphone or shiny valuable in your vehicle’s seats. Thieves are like fish, shiny things get their attention. When leaving the car you should take these things along with you if you can. If you are unable to, be sure they are stored properly out of sight, perhaps your car's console, trunk, or the back.

Nearly half of the vehicle thefts could have been avoided easily. If the vehicle owners had taken some precautions like closing and locking the doors or turning off the car when leaving it. We’ve all started out our car on the freezing weekday morning hours, then went back in the home to fill a cup of tea. But over 20% of all car robberies happen close to your home. Leaving behind the car working only encourages robbers and thievery. It is also against the law in many countries around the world. If you’re not in the driver's seat, prevent vehicle thievery by turning your vehicle off.

Get yourself a Rewire Security vehicle tracking device. Our basic models provide real-time location of your vehicle, while our advanced GPS trackers offer remote immobilisation and sound alarms. GPSLive GPS tracking platform can also be used to remotely block your vehicle's ignition, which makes it decelerate slowly to stop the car.

Taking responsible precautions to prevent vehicle theft is the smart thing to do. But even after taking these precautions, If your vehicle is stolen, Rewire Security will deliver the location data of your vehicle to UK Police upon request to help it’s customers by any means necessary.

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