Connecting your gear with a GPS tracking device looked like something directly out of a spy movie a few years ago and only used when the asset was connected with national security.

Why GPS track your assets?

Here are 4 reasons why you need to purchase GPS trackers for your business assets:

• Recover stolen equipment quickly – Sometimes it’s not just the hassle of exchanging stolen equipment that makes robbery so bothersome to a business; it's actually the recovery time in between losing it and getting a replacement. It’s specific more unpleasant when that piece of equipment is critical to the daytime -to- day time procedure of the company. With GPS tracking an asset’s exact place could be provided to the police for immediate recovery and a business can get back to making profits.

• Improve asset use – An asset is an investment so when it’s sitting down not doing anything it’s giving the company absolutely no comeback. GPS tracking can highlight assets being underused, which could then be either put to work or sold.

• Accurate billing – When property are leased out ( either to clients or internal cost facilities) GPS tracking can monitor hours of real use and this can be used to put together accurate billing and costs, as well as better pricing for new jobs.

Asset Cargo Package GPS Tracking

 Higher presence – Asset tracking can be set up to provide you with actual -time reporting with the place and status updates delivered every This can make administration much more efficient and make it easier for dispatch, for example when a new job demands specific assets that need to be located swiftly.

Asset tracking increasing in acceptance in the latest years

There are more and more companies that are recognising the benefits of asset tracking, such as when recovering stolen property, and locating the initial cost is becoming offset by cost savings produced. Some are discovering they can now save on other security measures, such as night patrols or digital camera surveillance because GPS tracking is taking its place, supplying a more price- effective solution to looking after their property.

So whether or not you’ve got powered assets (chippers, Bobcats, machines etc. ) or non-powered property (trailers, cargo or remote workers even) you can improve their safety and security, and manage efficiency a lot better with property GPS tracking.

Tracking devices are small, portable, waterproof, shockproof and lots of having prolonged battery lifespan (some as many as seven years, which is great for non-powered assets in extremely distant locations ). They may also be used beyond cellular networks offering a much greater range and flexibility

.102-Nano GPS Tracker

Here is a list of Rewire Security's Asset Tracking Devices.

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