Telematics encompasses telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation and computer sciences. It is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects via telecommunication devices. 

There are various reports for how much the fleet telematics market will be worth in the coming years. Whatever the case, the numbers are high. According to Fleetmatics, the number is $26.8 billion by 2018. The news about telematics and automobiles is often within the growth of telematics and consumer route-driven vehicles like cars and trucks. But telematics has been generating content managing vehicles for some time, which is newsworthy to all of us.

Rewire Security Vehicle Telematics

Make Use Of Data

If you operate a big fleet, it’s easy to get over-involved by the volume of data telematics provides. Unless you need to know exactly where every car or truck is each and every single minute, use telematics to get an all round image of how your fleet has been doing. Whether you want to keep track of idle time or enhance gas proficiency, a good telematics system can deliver alerts for specific situations and report certain elements of the overall status of your fleet.

Increase Security

Fleet managers working large fleets may have a hard time making certain vehicles aren’t utilised during non-working hours, which may improve maintenance expenses and subject the business to potential legal cases. Telematics can monitor fleet autos around -the- time and provide facts including usage, speed, location, and driving actions.

Incorporate Systems

Businesses often use many management software. This can eventually lead to further problems with shifting information and facts, examining data, and understanding new services. Use detailed fleet management software to get all the important data in a single GPS tracking platform.

Prevent Major Problems

In large fleets, small problems usually go undetected and can soon add up to considerable expenses quickly. With a reliable fleet tracking system, it's actually simpler to stay along with routine maintenance and deal with small issues as they come along prior to they grow into real problems that could cost the company.

In a Fleetmatics report, 20,000 commercial service fleets in the United States. and Canada was studied. The report revealed that the average workday dropped by 20% from roughly 8. 6 hours down from 10. 6 hours. Engine idle reduction also bore cost savings. Fleets saved an average of,$ 45 per vehicle each month, which is$ 540 per vehicle each year. There was a 12% decrease in idling minutes per day.

The best GPS tracking platforms provide you with the information securely over the internet. As long as you know the login and password, you have access to your tracking panel from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device. The flexibility and 24/7 accessibility of a web-based solution make Rewire Security an ideal choice when buying a GPS Tracker.

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