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Stolen Asset Recovery

Customer Story : Recovery of a Stolen Micro-Excavator

On the day of 25 Feb 2021, one of our customers was notified by GPSLive with an “Out of work hours use” alert on his phone and he became suspicious, he was then alerted with a “Tow Alert” a few minutes later, when he went out to check if the excavator is where it’s supposed to be, he realised the mini excavator was stolen.

He called the police to explain what happened meanwhile he started following a van from distance, once he gave the van’s plate number to the authorities and it’s location. the police then chased the vehicle and made a tactical stop, arresting 2 young lads and recovering the mini excavator in the back of the van. Thankfully no one was harmed in the event and the asset was recovered and returned to the owner.

micro excavator



‘I was on a three-way call with my parents. My dad was guiding me where the tracker was moving and my mum was relaying the location to the police.

‘By the time I caught up with the tracker it was at Junction 17 of the M60 near Bolton.

‘I saw a van that stuck out a mile off so I followed that one and gave the details to the police.

‘I was giving every detail I had of the van they were driving – where they were heading, the speed, what lane they were in.’

Eventually, several police cars took over Sam’s efforts and successfully pulled over the van on the M62 at Halifax.

Stolen Asset Recovery

‘Excavator theft is on such a high at the moment and normally the thieves never get caught,’ he said.

‘Last year alone we had five machines stolen so we took matters into our own hands and bought the trackers.

‘The police were very responsive. We still haven’t got the digger back because it’s being used for forensics but it’s in safe hands so that’s the main thing.’, said Mr. Daniels.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Crime levels fell during the pandemic, yet the unfortunate truth is not a day goes by in the UK without the loss or theft of valuable business assets. Research shows that 25% of employees lose valuable assets related to their job, resulting in insurance claims and increased premiums – or the business paying for the replacement from its own pocket. When a valuable asset goes missing or stolen, it’s impossible to define the true financial cost of the loss.

Vehicle Tracking Systems

GPS tracking systems prove useful as a means for recovering assets quickly by allowing you to locate them in real-time. In addition, the system acts as an anti-theft measure and notifies you instantly in case of “out of work hours use” and vibration alerts.

Click here to read the news story on Daily Mail.

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